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World Premiere: Peter Speake-Marin Immortal Dragon Piece Unique

Today we present the Peter Speake-Marin Immortal Dragon, a piece interesting including a greatly nitty gritty help hand etching by the prominent (Dutch) . The case is in platinum with jewel bezel, and the development is the SM2 type beautified with model-explicit etching. Albeit significantly more a compelling artwork or adornments piece than something to engage the aficionados of haute horology, the development is as yet a standout amongst other planned and best completed I’ve ever seen.

As common, all pictures might be tapped on for bigger versions.

I’m not typically a gigantic devotee of etching or enhanced dials, yet the dim oxidized and scratched regions of help around the mythical beast truly set it off and give the piece an eminent feeling of profundity. It is essentially monochromatic – lacking regular brand name blued hands – yet inquisitively the vapidness of the dial permits the antireflective covering on the underside of the sapphire gem to show an incidental glimmer of blue, which I find mysteriously charming. The cleaned hands pleasantly balance the generally finished dial components, and pleasantly complement the robust platinum case; they’re additionally shockingly coherent. The excellence truly is in the subtleties with this piece.

Enjoy the pictures! MT