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Weekend Round-Up: Two Special Colors, Making Screen Prints, And The Secret Strength Of Cockroaches -

Weekend Round-Up: Two Special Colors, Making Screen Prints, And The Secret Strength Of Cockroaches –

True Blue – The Paris Review

The shading blue is just about as universal as the sky, yet for a lot of mankind’s set of experiences, catching it and utilizing it in workmanship was an endeavor that was both costly and perilous. In Renaissance workmanship it was so costly thus uncommon that specialists were now and again incapable to complete an artwork; Vermeer ventured profound into the red gratitude to his extravagant utilization of the blue shade “from past the ocean.” Find out additional in this story from the Paris Review.

–Jack Forster, Editor-in-Chief

The Process Of Master Screen Printer Gary Lichtenstein – Juxtapoz Magazine

This short film is a captivating investigate the printer’s interaction and reasoning. Not exclusively is it flawlessly shot – and an outwardly compelling subject – however in portraying what he does (who truly understands what screen printing is, in any case?), Lichtenstein additionally brings up intriguing issues about how we as a whole characterize ourselves and our work, and how we are characterized by others.

–Will Holloway, Director of Content

The World’s Blackest Building – ArtNet

Amidst the blanketed scene of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang stands the haziest structure on Earth. English architect Asif Khan covered the 10 meter high construction with Vantablack VBx2, a compound substance that retains more than 99.96% of light. The structure’s outside is enlightened by a great many lights to seem like a window investigating the profundities of external space. 

–David Aujero, Digital Producer

How Cockroaches Crash Into Walls and Keep Going – The New York Times

Cockroaches are amazing for their speed and shiftiness, yet science shows their capacity to withstand outrageous stuns may be a definitive transformative guaranteed winner. The roach’s capacity to hammer into a divider and change course without being any more awful for the wear may impact the up and coming age of robot configuration, as indicated by this story in the New York Times.

–Jon Bues, Senior Editor

How Olympic Figure Skaters Design Their Programs – Fast Co. Design

For the vast majority, figure skating is one of the focal points of the Winter Olympics, and the current year’s occasions have come with that blend of competition, excellence, and contention that make for some truly compelling TV. This article sees how olympic skaters make their schedules and the abnormal difficulties that emerge when adjusting sport and art.

–Stephen Pulvirent, Managing Editor