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Weekend Round-Up: An Ancient Greek Mechanism, The Supernatural Side Of Tsunamis, And That Cruise Ship Life -

Weekend Round-Up: An Ancient Greek Mechanism, The Supernatural Side Of Tsunamis, And That Cruise Ship Life –

Each week our editors assemble their number one finds from around the internet and recommend them to you here. These by and large are not articles about watches, but instead extraordinary instances of news-casting and narrating covering points from design and craftsmanship to innovation and travel. So go on, present yourself with some espresso, put your feet up, and settle in.


The Happiest Guy In The World – The New York Times

“What sort of individual takes a journey not for a week or a month – but rather for the remainder of his life?” Brought to us by the New York Times‘ grant winning Op-Docs arrangement, this 10-minute video welcomes you to skim along groggily into the existence of Mario Salcedo, a man who has lived on board a voyage transport for twenty years – and has no designs to disembark.

–Greyson Korhonen, Associate Producer

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, Hokusai, 1829.

Ghosts Of The Tsunami –  London Review Of Books

In 2011, the fourth most remarkable quake at any point recorded happened off the shoreline of Japan. The subsequent tsunami slaughtered 20,000 individuals and caused a Level 7 atomic mishap at the Fukushima thermal energy station. Yet, it had profound repercussions also. Powerful marvels started to happen at a bewildering rate, and overpowered casualties of soul ownership started to fill Buddhist sanctuaries, looking for help. This wonder, profoundly established in Japanese culture, was accounted for in Richard Lloyd Parry’s 2015 book, Ghosts Of The Tsunami. 

–Jack Forster, Editor-in-Chief

The Antikythera Mechanism Episode 1: Greeks, Clocks and Rockets – Clickspring

I’m not certain how to clarify this, but rather somebody on YouTube who turns out to be into timekeepers, time, and machining his own parts is endeavoring to re-make the acclaimed Antikythera system (a millenia-old gadget used to foresee galactic positions and wonders) found in a wreck. Found by Greek wipe jumpers off Antikythera Island in 1902, the Antikythera instrument addresses a degree of mechanical complexity once thought unimaginable for the antiquated world.

–Jonathan Baker, Senior Software Engineer

Fat Pigs And Demon Blades: China’s Nicknames For NBA Stars Are High Art – The Guardian

You may have known effectively that presumably since Yao Ming entered the NBA, b-ball being a fan has detonated in China. What you might not have known are altogether the wild, incredibly complex, and now and again unexpectedly foul epithets they’ve come up for a portion of the NBA’s most notable players. 

–David Aujero, Associate Producer

Photos Of Daily Life On The Rooftops Of Old Buildings In Hong Kong – Petapixel

You were getting some information about what goes on old high rises in Hong Kong? Indeed, fortunate for you, a photographic artist went through four years recording simply that. Turns out when you live in a city as thickly populated as Hong Kong, a communal roof is amazing property for pretty much whatever utilization you need.

–Will Holloway, Director of Content