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Hands-On Grand Seiko SBGW047 Review


Once in some time, I attempt to coordinate a watchmeeting for some Dutch individual authorities who share a similar energy as I do. Last multiple times we went to and made some extraordinary memories raving about wristwatches. A large portion of the members were connected to , and a couple of them weren’t into watchfora at all.

However, these little watchmeetings disappear like snow for the sun when you compare it to . A gathering cq Panerai show held in the Hilton Hotel in Frankfuhrt Germany, including a supper (on the off chance that you need to). On the off chance that you are a Panerai-nut, I likely am revealing to you old news, however on the off chance that this is new to you… act brisk! Joining should be possible till the sixth of October.

Photo from P-Day #2