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Watch Shopping In Miami: Inside The Studio of Matthew Bain (Mega Photo Report) -

Watch Shopping In Miami: Inside The Studio of Matthew Bain (Mega Photo Report) –

We’ll be straightforward with you. The following post and photograph report may be a bit of overwhelming to a large number of you – in any event on the off chance that you extravagant a good vintage watch. This one is downright obscene.

Matthew Bain has been in vintage watches for quite a long time. He’s seen everything, and sold everything. When we were in Miami a weekend ago, we halted by his South Beach studio to investigate what he had laying around. It. Will. Blow. You. Away.

Matt Bain’s office is roomy and sun-filled. There is fascinating horological ephemere just everywhere. Dunhill tickers and lighters, Hermes satchel watches, in excess of a few Atmos timekeepers, books on watches that we never knew existed, and we’d dare to say his crate assortment is worth more than most vendors watch assortment.

These Dunhill fishtank lighters were a portion of our number one non-time-telling articles.

Matt and his crew showed us various assortments of watches masterminded by classification. Yet, before we got into the watches that he holds expertly, he wanted to show us his absolute first close to home watch – a little Hot Wheels ticker given to him by his dad when he was extremely youthful, and the watch he will provide for his child when he turns five.

And then he pulled out a plate of old watches, all revolved around a comparable “Calatrava” style.

In here were some stunning bygone era just watches, including some flawless, as new Longines Calatravas, and not one but rather TWO tempered steel Patek Calatravas, a twofold marked person dressed in gold, and an exceptionally uncommon Ulysse Nardin Calatrava, among numerous others.

Next, we were shown a plate of old Rolex sport watches. Like, ridiculously decent ones.

Here we saw some insane tropical 5508s, mint Bakelite GMTs, and four watches that in a real sense blew us away. First was a Rolex “Enormous Crown” 6538 that was intensely as new. Furthermore, it accompanied full box, papers, and hang labels. The condition was simply unfathomable. We likewise saw an exquisite COMEX Sea-Dweller with simply wonderful dim dial and bezel, a Tudor Sub 7928 with immersion dial a la an early Blancpain, and a French Marine Nationale Issued ROLEX 5513 – the primary we’d at any point come across.

Next came a move of some amazingly cool, yet more accessibly value jump watches. Furthermore, that is probably the most awesome aspect about Matt Bain’s activity – he positively has those $150,000 insane Submariners, however he additionally has some fabulous and uncommon old pieces that will cost you under $5,000. There aren’t numerous vendors that have a foot in the two worlds, we can disclose to you that.

Here you won’t discover numerous truly costly watches, however a great deal that will get some in-your-face vintage jump fans going insane. See.

Next came a crate of Genta plans, and those in the family.

Here we saw two diverse A-Series Royal Oaks, another in strong gold, a later 5402, and a 20th commemoration Jubilee Jumbo. Goodness, and an uncommon interminable with finished blue dial and platinum bezel. Also, a Jumbo Nautilus 3700 (both in steel and in 18k gold) and IWC Ingy SL.

Next, how about a plate of vintage Patek Philippes?

Here we saw astonishing steel Amagnetic 3417s, 2526s in yellow and rose gold, some astounding deviated cases, and the sky is the limit from there. Obviously, there was a 3970P thrown in for great measure.

Then, we were shown a move of wonderful old Omegas, Longines, Zeniths, and a unique JLC or two.

We’re talking early Omega chronographs, focal moment counter Longines 13ZN’s, JLC Polaris, a horse shelter discover Zenith A386, a FAP-marked Omega Flightmaster, and then some. This was super insane stuff.

Finally, exactly when we thought we had seen everything, Matt pulled out a last plate. This one was brimming with Daytonas and other complicated vintage Rolexes.

Here we saw everything from Sigma dial 6265s to Big Red 6263s to Paul Newman 6241s, two underline 6238s, and some insane pre-Daytona stuff.

And, well, that finishes up our visit through Matthew Bain’s present stock on an arbitrary Saturday in September. As we said previously, there are actually quite few sellers around the planet that offers this wide a scope of stuff, from $1,500 – $1,000,000 also, however that is what makes Matt who he is. You can check out his website here , and should you at any point need anything by any means, it’s imaginable he has a plate brimming with them concealed away somewhere.

And now, for more photographs. Since we can: