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Watch Out – Broodje Aap!

Watch out for these craftsmen! At you’ll discover a site which looks and feels very expert and which has costs for high-grade wrist watches which you can’t believe.

Indeed you can’t trust it, in light of the fact that these individuals are simply attempting to take your cash without suplying a watch to you. In any event not a genuine watch; they may send fakes, I’m not certain of that.

At first I attempted to call them at the telephone numbers demonstrated at the site. The two numbers (one in Gibraltar and one in the US) just answer as a fax machine. No replying mail, no individual, just beeps.

Then there’s a location referenced on the site too, where you could mail-address inquiries to. This location, Rue des Billodes 34 in Le Locle, is the location of Zenith International. Obviously they don’t think nothing about the entire site or company.

At last I joined at their site and today I got the affirmation email. It was endorsed by Franz von Daniken, the Swiss State Secretary of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. I should concede they attempt to screw you the interesting way.

By the way “Broodje Aap” is Dutch for Sandwich with Monkey meat, and is an overall portrayal for a phony story.