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Vintage Jaquet Droz From The 1960s and 1970s

, claimed by the Swatch Group, wasn’t consistently the top of the line brand as we probably are aware them currently (see my previous post). During the 1970s, Jaquet Droz delivered watches utilizing mechanical developments by A.Schild (and presumably Landeron for the chronograph developments) at a nice cost. Now and again, you will see them spring up on eBay or Chrono24 and costs start around a couple hundred dollars to $1,700 USD.

As you can see above, I had the option to get a NOS Jaquet Droz and take a few pictures of it. The watch was as yet in the first box and had its unique Jaquet Droz tag on it. Never worn. The other model is a chronograph in treated steel and has these astounding looking purple moment markers. This two register chronograph is most likely fueled by a Landeron development, as the proprietor couldn’t advise me and I didn’t need to open the case back. The totally brushed pad formed case mirrors the 1970s consummately and the hands are exceptionally cool as well.

My suppose is that these watches are not extremely pursued and will (and can) be reasonable for authorities of vintage watches. Notwithstanding, these watches don’t mirror the current degree of finish and quality from Jaquet Droz. Jaquet Droz doesn’t even notice this period in their set of experiences overview.

There is presently a vintage Jaquet Droz available to be purchased for 250 Euro ( ).