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Urwerk’s UR110 And UR202S

Urwerk’s UR110 And UR202S

is one of those brands where perusing time isn’t the essential worry, as there are different gadgets (for example iPhone or BlackBerry) that are substantially more precise and less expensive to do as such. Presently, this standard goes for each mechanical watch, yet one could attempt to legitimize a $7,000.- USD Rolex for understanding time and it will be very hard to do as such with a +/ – $70,000.- USD Urwerk UR-110 (nicknamed ‘Torpedo’).

Urwerk isn’t about exactness, understanding time or making ‘just’ a costly extravagance watch, it is about miniature designing. Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, the authors of Urwerk, are attempting (and I think they are succeeding) to follow no one and set their own cutoff points with regards to haute horlogerie. Extreme horlogerie I would call their bits of craftsmanship, as the plan and mechanics are exceptionally uncommon and one’s eyes need time to change when taking a gander at their watches for the first time.

As soon as I entered the Dream Factory in Basel, I realized that I would have been shocked by crafted by Urwerk, MB&F, Christophe Claret and Speake-Marin. More on the others in the not so distant future. During my visit to the Urwerk stall, I attempted and took care of two of their watches. The Urwerk UR110 ‘Torpedo’ which I have been covering before here on Fratellowatches, and the Urwerk UR202S with hardened steel bracelet.

The Urwerk 110 ‘Torpedo’ with its oil change marker and moving and turning satellites was a gala for the eyes, particularly to see the repairmen fill in as time is cruising by. This watch is absolutely coming alive when wearing it and playing with it. Following three years, the oil change pointer will show that it’s time for a help as it will demonstrate ‘red’ to its wearer. The satellite framework is noteworthy to see at work, as the satellite will flip over to the following upcoming hour when it is at 9 o’clock, as you can see on the image above. The UR110 shows it is 11:00 and the following satellite in line is changing as of now from 9 to 12.

As you can see on the second picture in this article, the watch is entirely wearable regardless of its unordinary plan. Indeed, even if your sleeve somewhat slides over the watch, you will actually want to tell time.

Another cool watch that Urwerk showed me is their UR202S. In view of the UR202, this ‘S’ model comes with a hardened steel wristband. An arm band that helps me a ton to remember the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak wristbands. Maybe in light of the fact that I am actually a fanatic of those and needed it to resemble it, yet the Urwerk agent revealed to me I was thinking the correct way. I’ll let you choose what that means.

Anyway, this watch has a programmed development (type 7.03) and highlights a moon stage disc and day/night indicator. Likewise with this 202S, we see the regular Urwerk satellite arrangement of showing time. This Hammerhead Urwerk comes in different materials and the one is appeared here, is in tempered steel. An enormous and hefty watch (45.7mm x 43.5mm wide and 15mm in tallness) that probably won’t suit everybody. In any event try to give one a shot before you request 🙂

One of the slick highlights of the UR202S are the twin turbines that control the air contact by the rotor when turning around its free way (note that this watch just breezes a single way). By slowing down the switch on the of the watch, the wearer can demonstrate whether there is typical action when wearing the UR202S, overwhelming movement or outrageous action (consider playing golf with this watch on your wrist). If there should be an occurrence of ordinary action, the turbines will turn unreservedly and are working as a pad for sharp developments of the rotor. In energetic mode, the twin turbines will decrease the rotor twisting rate with approximately 35%. In its extraordinary mode, both the twin turbines and the rotor are completely obstructed, shielding them from substantial stuns and misuse. Positively a valuable component in the event that you ask me.

I need to say that albeit the UR110 is absolutely a noteworthy show-stopper and designing, the UR202S won my love. The arm band plan, the moon stage complication and twin turbine arrangement are unquestionably something I truly appreciate in this watch. The cost of roughly $150.000,- USD is keeping me down, however I am certain there are authorities out there willing to pay for this brilliant piece of extraordinary horlogerie.

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