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The Hulk Submariner – Becoming The Most Wanted Modern Rolex?

The Hulk Submariner – Becoming The Most Wanted Modern Rolex?

Introduced during Baselworld 2010, the new green Rolex Submariner ref.116610LV ( ) promptly got its moniker: The Hulk Submariner. Not being too eager about the shades of the dial and bezel myself, I saw that there was very some interest for this watch from the start.

Now, scarcely any months after the fact, this The Hulk Submariner’s accessibility improves each week and it appears to become the most loved watch of numerous Rolex enthusiasts. In any event at the . My companion Michael got one final week and shows it here on Fratellowatches. I need to concede, that in the wake of having seen it in the tissue, it is far superior to it was in the Rolex show in Basel. The lights most likely hit the watch excessively hard 😉 That being said, it is an exceptionally hard watch to catch in pictures, yet I figure Michael did a decent job.

The green Submariner has a rundown cost of 6220 Euro and simply like the other new Submariner models by Rolex, it includes the Glide Lock wristband that empowers you to expand the arm band with 21mm (gradually). Exceptionally helpful when utilizing the watch with a plunging suit or just to broaden or abbreviate the arm band when the climate changes (generally expanding it toward the day’s end). As you can see on the photos over, the bezel no longer has the aluminum decorate. The new bezels are made out a material that Rolex licensed as Cerachrom, an unbelievable hard fired material which likewise ensures the shade of the bezel. More seasoned bezels were blurring following quite a while of mileage. In any case, a few gatherers like that 😉

The Hulk with its maxi green dial with enormous striking hour markers and wide drags is a pleasant overhaul from its archetype, the 16610LV (scratched ‘Kermit’). Obviously, the interest of this previous model has grown a ton too since the new green Submariner opened up. Hope to pay over 4500 Euro for a mint condition 16610LV.

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