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Introducing: The Greubel Forsey Différentiel d’Égalité -

The Blue Wave

The Fratellowatches regulars most likely realize that I am more into sports watches than exemplary watches, which – nearly – normally brings about a touch more inclusion on games models here. In any case, I just got a note from Grieb & Benzinger about their Blue Wave watch. It is an exceptional and one time just watch and for 87.500 euro it very well may be yours. Beside the sticker price, this is an exemplary looking watch that could be the one of my choice.

In the Blue Wave watch ticks a vintage development by Minerva which traces all the way back to around 1920-1925. completely dismantled this development and reestablished it step by step. The base plate of the development has been skeletonized by hand to its uncovered minumum of what a base plate can be. After this interaction, the base plate got the guilloché treatment and has been covered with blue platinum.

The watch bears 34 steel screws and these have all been hand cleaned and traditionally tempered a cornflower blue over an open fire. Subsequently, this 18ct gold monopusher skeletonized chronograph watch has been initiated The Blue Wave.

The long periods of work and love that has been placed into this noteworthy watch should be colossal. Their authority site will give you more understanding of the Grieb & Benzinger group, their enthusiasm and projects.