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Introducing: The Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Three-Gold -

The BeNeLux Panerai meeting

Hans Dekkers accepting the unique Paneristi blessing from Mr.Orange & Maurits.

Hans showed a few new watches and mentioned to us what’s in store from Panerai this year (soon). All (+/ – ) 25 participants got the 2005 list, a Panerai cap and a flyer from the experience of Mike Horn & Panerai (Arktos). After certain beverages, talks and looks at a Panerai DVD introduction, we went to see some more Panerais. We got a warm welcome by them, incorporating a sack for certain treats and a glass of champagne.

A couple of Paneristi (counting yours really) at Slaets.

After this short ‘break’ we got back to for an incredible coffee shop! Toward the finish of the coffee shop everybody got a Paneristi banner endorsed by each attendee.

I took in a ton from individual Paneristi on memorable models and had some incredible conversations on Panerai watches and the manner in which they are going at this point. One thing I saw was that most folks didn’t actually like the new varieties by Panerai. I have said it before on the blog, yet I will do it again… I truly think watch makers ought to be wary creating a wide range of variations on watches. At the point when individuals purchase a restricted version model Arktos for instance and inevitably begin creating (common arrangement) Arktos GMT models, what’s the additional benefit of claiming the restricted release in any case, and second… individuals will become weary of a lot of models looking very similair. Actually, I figure Panerai should hold it down to only a couple models and varieties. Before I will bluster excessively long and allude a lot to the great ol’ Rolex method of creating varieties :- ), I will return to the gathering. Something else I saw, is that there is just little interest in the actual development. Despite the fact that Panerai comes out with their own inhouse development, and have utilized JaegerLeCoultre, Rolex and Zenith developments in the past&current, I could just find a couple of discusses developments. It simply must be mechanical and completed pleasantly I presume. Frankly, that’s all I am searching for in Panerai looks also. The case configuration, dial, lashes, clasps, crown system triggers is more fascinating to me too on Panerai.

All together, an extraordinary and efficient occasion and I trust I will bring another/other Panerai with me sometime later. I have some new and better thoughts on my next Panerai, because of Jon, Maurits and a couple others.

All photographs utilized in this post by [email protected] @Belgium.