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The 2013  Watch Lover's Gift Guide -

The 2013 Watch Lover's Gift Guide –

Well, it’s December. That implies the Christmas season is formally upon us, and all the watch sweethearts in your day to day existence have, most likely, become really agonizing in their requests for cool horological ephemera. This year, we’ve chosen to help make blessing purchasing for your watch adoring companions and friends and family somewhat simpler by assembling a short (yet solid!) HODINKEE watch sweetheart’s vacation blessing guide. Everything on here we want ourselves, and everything on here is simply downright awesome. Make certain to impart this one to everybody in your life in a situation to get you something, specifically that wealthy uncle of yours.

Loupe System – $375

This is unquestionably the best loupe for watch darlings. Enough said. Paul Boutros did a beat up review of it for us here, and from that point forward, the almost $400 eyepiece has been the discussion of watch town. On the off chance that you have some delightful dials or developments to take a gander at, there could be no greater vehicle to help make them sparkle significantly more splendid. ( Available Here )

The MoMa Perpetual Calendar – $40

This Gideon Dagan planned basic schedule is only a beautiful article that has been a hit in the MoMa configuration search for quite a long time. It works with straightforward magnets, and for $40 makes a wonderful work area adornment for the time-darling in your life. ( Available Here )

Swiss Kubik Watch Winder – $795

We’ve attempted all the watch winders there are – through and through, left to right. The greater part of them are outright poo. The champion from the pack is the totally Swiss-made Swiss Kubik winder. They are made of genuine aluminum (rather than plastic, or plastic that is intended to appear as though wood), utilize high-grade components totally, come in little, decent sizes, and are USB-programmable. We like em such a lot of that we put a few in our shop. Goodness, and on the off chance that you would prefer not to take our word on the quality of Swiss Kubik winders, feel free to ask Rolex who makes their winders…( Available Here )

1:Face Charity Watch – $40

You’re not going to catch us recommending you spend your well deserved coin on a computerized watch regularly, yet the 1:Face watch is truly something extraordinary. Very still these little computerized watches show only a reflected showcase, however when activated, they show the time in splendid white LED’s. That isn’t the most amazing aspect – there are eight unique tones, each of which addresses an alternate well-known charity organization. Furthermore, with the purchase of each watch, impressive donations are made to said charity, offering help for malignant growth patients, water for the parched, nourishment for the hungry, and education for those without. Each watch is just $40, and this may very well be the coolest computerized watch in the world. ( Available Here ).

John Goldberger's Patek Philippe Steel Watches Signed Collector's Edition – 600 Euro

By now, you should know that gatherer and creator John Goldberger is probably pretty much cool in the watch world. He’s a noble man, a scholar, and the one who without any assistance caused a sudden spike in demand for cheese blades in the Canton of Geneva (don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m discussing? –  view “Talking Watches with John Goldberger” here ). His book on hardened steel Pateks is total required perusing for anybody with an adoration for these uncommon cases. What’s more, as of late, 300 duplicates of this all around delightful book (the cover is made out of plug, much the same as the container to the first 1976 Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700) got a redesign with extra pages, a plexiglass case, a full shading pamphlet showing every one of the 186 watches featured in the book, and Mr. Goldberger’s autograph within cover. As of now, there are just 228 duplicates left and you can accept they’ll go quickly. Goodness, and did we notice that the cash from the entirety of Goldberger’s books goes to charity? Yes, he’s the man. ( Available Here )

Lash Changing + Bracelet Sizing Toolkit – $30

If you’re the sort of individual to swap your ties to match an outfit, or resize a wristband so the woman in your life can appreciate one of your ticking watches, you need one of these – straightforward as that. A great lash changing and arm band change pack is an outright should for a genuine watch darling. ( Available Here )

Vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Clock – $500-$1500

The Atmos Clock from Jaeger-LeCoultre is a flat out symbol in present day timekeeping. They have enhanced the work areas and mantelplaces of the world’s driving people for right around 100 years, and that won’t be changing any time soon. The most awesome aspect about an Atmos is that you can get one from days of old for not all that much cash – figure between $500-$1500 dependent on condition. ( Available Here )

NOMOS Pencil Case – $105

We’re not sure on the off chance that you’ve heard, but rather NOMOS does some truly cool stuff. Always. For hell’s sake, even their pencil case is awesome. And keeping in mind that that Lambda may be somewhat unattainable, you can get a little piece of Glashütte goodness here with this pack. ( Available Here )

The Ultimate Rolex Daytona Book – 4,000 Euro

There has, quite in a real sense, never been a watch book like this previously. Weighing in at more than your normal bowling ball, the Ultimate Daytona Book was imagined and created by Pucci Papaleo, the man behind the unbelievable Christie’s Rolex Daytona Lesson One deal. He is viewed as the world’s driving master on the Daytona, and this book shows more than 180 examples in the most flawlessly awesome condition conceivable. Furthermore, that doesn’t start to get into how this book is made. Just 599 duplicates will be delivered, and the expense is a mind blowing 4,000 euros. We will come back to this one in the coming weeks however you can arrange your duplicate now. ( Available Here )

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Sculpture – 390 Swiss Francs

Ok, it may not tell the time, yet we have an inclination watch sweethearts will appreciate the magnificence of the Swinging Sticks form. Basically, this piece of craftsmanship offers completely smooth, absolutely quiet kinetic movement. It was really seen on the work area of Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2, and you need to see it moving to comprehend it.  Two distinct sizes are accessible from the MB&F Gallery in Geneva . ( Available Here, VIa Email )

That about wraps up the current year’s blessing guide. On the off chance that you see anything you like, make certain to impart it to your adored ones!