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#TBT – Seiko 6159-7010 Grandfather Tuna

#TBT – Seiko 6159-7010 Grandfather Tuna

Today we talk about my enthusiasm for the Seiko 6159-7010 Grandfather Tuna and its advanced understanding, the Seiko Emperor Tuna.

Seiko 6159-7010

So there I was, battling inevitable stream slack while wandering the corridors of the strange world that is Nakano Broadway. On the off chance that you’ve never been to Nakano, it’s a safe house for the otaku who gather anything (and everything) identified with the Japanese universe of comic books and their manga characters. So for what reason was I in this people-watching mecca and for what reason are you finding out about it on a site committed to Replica Watch Company Reviews Nakano Broadway houses a few used Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews shops including the notable and advantageous Jack Road. It is additionally home to numerous shops selling transfer things that contain everything from toys, collectibles and… more Replica Watch Company Reviews It was on this day, in January, that I entered an overstuffed, muddled transfer shop filled essentially with odd showcase instances of activity figures when I spied something that I had for some time been wanting: the Seiko 6159-7010 “Granddad” Tuna. Following an almost 3-year look for this Replica Watch Company Reviews I don’t figure I might have composed a more storybook ending.   I’ll endeavor to reveal a little insight into why this Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews is so remarkable and attractive. When I’ve spark your interest, I’ll try to share a few impacts on its advanced replacement, the Seiko Marinemaster Professional “Head” Tuna.

A snappy inquiry on the Seiko 6159-7010 will raise the recognizable story of why the first Tuna was made by Seiko. Complaints by Japanese expert jumpers in the last part of the 1960’s about Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews disappointments at working profundities prompted a genuine endeavor by Seiko to plan a valid, successful instrument Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews that could withstand all the pressing factors of working while submersed. The outcome came in 1975: the Seiko 6159-7010 Professional. Industry firsts incorporated the titanium case, clay covered titanium cover, L-molded gasket, and the vented elastic lash. With a 600m profundity rating, the 6159 interestingly manages without a helium discharge valve. Outwardly, the most unmistakable component of the Seiko 6159-7010 is it’s in a bad way on cover which gives the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews it’s “fish can” profile. The cover ensures the case while likewise taking into consideration 2 passageways to turn the bidirectional bezel. Obviously, this cover adds a great deal of visual mass and makes the 50.5mm case measurement. Inside the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews beats the 6159a, a Grand Seiko-determined 36000 bph howdy beat programmed development. It hacks and can be hand wound. Date changing is snappy set. There’s no uncertainty that Seiko held nothing back for this piece. By chance, the Seiko 6159-7010 (likewise promoted as the 7019 outside of Japan) was produced using 1975 until mid 1979.

Aside from the specialized advancement, how is the Seiko 6159-7010 to view, handle and, in particular, wear? The 6159 isn’t pretty. It is additionally not waging war with the Submariner for the title of “hardware Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews destined to be worn to an executive gathering”. Or maybe, it looks fiercely viable for its motivation, think Rambo blade and you’re in the correct ballpark, and will undoubtedly be worn nonchalantly. The profoundly set dial is one of exemplary straightforwardness that has stood the trial of time as it generally conveys forward to the present versions of the Tuna. The Seiko 6159-7010 dial and case back show the Suwa image signifying its place of fabricate. It’s very clear and everything from the markers, hour/minute hands and the famous candy clear hand are measured consummately. Indeed, even the date window is pleasantly nitty gritty yet unpretentious; maybe current Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews architects should take an exercise. Seiko decided to equip this model with its exclusive Hardlex mineral glass. Getting back to the case back, the torrent theme that is utilized today on Seiko’s jumpers is gladly appeared. While tying this one on, how about we be appreciative that Seiko chose to utilize titanium as a medium since this Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews is as yet a weighty little nugget.

As far as wearability, a ton has been made about the stature of the Tunas and the hereditary prerequisite of a major wrist. Indeed, as a Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews darling, I have been reviled with a tiny wrist and I can disclose to you that the Seiko 6159-7010, and any remaining fishes, work for me. The way to a particularly incredible fit lies with the incorporated hauls. My lone change is to utilize a slim, 22mm NATO lash as the first Seiko elastic ties are excessively long for me and prop up the case away from my wrist. With respect to Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews stature, the facts demonstrate that you will not probably be sliding this under your thin fit dress shirt and it might wind up scratching furniture. Onto the usable parts: the bezel is a somewhat clattery bidirectional 60-click issue that has decent snap detents and shockingly great material feel. In the mean time, the crown is a major monster that sinks pleasantly. Date changes happen with an accuracy click.

Let’s examine a little about this particular piece and I’ll offer some effective purchasing guidance. The piece appeared here is a mid 1975 execution of the Seiko 6159-7010 on the grounds that it comes up short on the “m” for “meters” close to the profundity rating. It’s more uncommon than the “m” adaptation and some would say more significant. What amount more important? All things considered, that is interesting in light of the fact that I essentially have not seen numerous 6159 fishes available to be purchased previously or after I discovered this one. This was a costly Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews when delivered and was likely not made in genuinely gigantic amounts. Common spots to search for 6159’s are, obviously, eBay and the brand-just gatherings. Costs appear to go from $1200 for harsh guides to more than $2000 for better models, yet offering appears to vacillate fiercely. Prominence for vintage Seikos, and most vintage Replica Watch Company Reviews is on the ascent, so expect that qualities will keep on sneaking the upward way. Post for chipped covers, stripped crown tubes, absent or stripped cover screws and indications of water passage. Covers are scratched effectively, however I believe this to be surface character. Parts like bezels, covers, dials are VERY hard to track down, so this isn’t a Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews that I would recommend purchasing as an incomplete undertaking except if you are exceptionally persistent. Fortunately, this is a bold development, so toughness is by all accounts a trademark. In case you’re not one for vintage pieces but rather like the appearance of the 6159, Seiko delivered a Historical Collection piece called the SBDX005 in a restricted release of 1000 pieces. These seldom appear and costs are regularly over the Seiko 6159-7010. The piece is cosmetically fundamentally the same as the first put something aside for an alternate development, extra 1mm width and diverse compass hand. By and by, I truly make the most of my Seiko 6159-7010 and feel fortunate to have discovered it. It runs with outrageous precision and is a fabulous discussion piece.

So, suppose that the vintage 6159 market has you disappointed or you basically like purchasing new; what is the most ideal decision in case you’re longing for an absolutely mechanical Seiko Tuna? The appropriate response is basic: the Emperor Tuna. After the Seiko 6159-7010 creation finished, the world turned its eyes to quartz and Seiko made now-incredible quartz Tunas for a long time and still does with its 1000m “Darth” Tuna model and its more modest, 300m models. In 2009, be that as it may, another programmed Tuna was delivered in the Prospex line as the SBDX011 Marinemaster Automatic Professional . Shrouded in PVD titanium with a breadth of practically 52mm, the “Ruler” Tuna, as it is known, is a threatening monster indeed.   It raises the stakes on its profound archetype by bringing a 1000m profundity rating to the game while proceeding to forego any kind of helium valve. The development is Seiko’s phenomenal hand-winding, hacking 8L35 that is fundamentally an unadjusted Grand Seiko 9S55 development. A decent overhaul over the Seiko 6159-7010 is the utilization of an AR-covered sapphire gem. Like the Seiko 6159-7010, you’re getting a top class, albeit not hello there beat, development in a workhorse case. The date change is brisk set yet the bezel changes to unidirectional with 120 fine clicks.

Some snappy notes on the Emperor; it’s a fabulously very much assembled Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews that overflows quality while looking like something that could take on nearly anything that comes its direction. Lume is essentially strange and the completing is on a standard withReplica Watch Company Reviews double its cost (or more). Regardless of being in dark, which is as far as anyone knows thinning, and just somewhat bigger than the Seiko 6159-7010, the Emperor wears somewhat greater than its Grandfather. I speculate it has to do with the marginally thicker case (more than 17mm) and hanging drags. Here once more, I selected a slender, 22mm NATO because of my still weak wrists. For the individuals who love lash changes, this piece highlights bored lugs.

Despite the way that the piece is still basically Japan-just, finding an Emperor is simple! By and by, places like or even are acceptable sources and the Seiko shops are at long last beginning to bring these outside of Japan. Likewise, a portion of the Japanese retailers, like Rakuten, are acceptable sources. I’m liable of getting this piece at one of the omnipresent “camera shops” that are all over Japan. These shops are true dealers, offer incredible obligation free costs, and regularly give extra limits for utilizing a specific charge card like Visa. Costs change with the strength of the Japanese Yen however I’ve seen valuing under $2K to well over that sum. Additionally, the assistance in Japan is incredible and, hello, it makes for an extraordinary story!

I trust you delighted in a short prologue to a couple amazing Seiko Tunas. On the off chance that you are considering adding a very good quality, non-Swiss jumper to your assortment, I’d energetically recommend investigating one of these. An expression of alert, however, when you enter the profound universe of Seiko, it’s exceptionally improbable that you’ll emerge!

See the display underneath for more photographs of the Seiko 6159-7010 and Emperor Tuna.