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Sunday Rewind: A Look Inside The Audemars Piguet Archives -

Sunday Rewind: A Look Inside The Audemars Piguet Archives –

When you adventure into the Vallée de Joux, you don’t always have the foggiest idea what you will get. Some of the time you see a front line watchmaking office, in some cases you meet craftsmans taking care of job you didn’t know existed, and now and again you get container list investigates the historical backdrop of watchmaking. The current week’s Rewind story certainly falls into that last class. Back in 2014, Ben had the advantage of plunking down with the people at Audemars Piguet entrusted with keeping the brand’s set of experiences listed and in supreme working request. This obviously remembered going hands-for with in excess of twelve excellent watches, a considerable lot of which you won’t discover anywhere else on planet Earth.

Both Sebastian Vivas, overseer of the Audemars Piguet Museum, and Michael Friedman, at that point the authority brand antiquarian, plunked down for a video interview in which they showed off never-ending schedules, chronographs, minute repeaters, hop hours, fantastic complications, and the sky is the limit from there, covering over a hundred years of AP history. Regardless of whether you saw this one the first run through around, it’s well worth revisiting.

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