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Seiko And Other Japanese Watches For Your Attention

Sometimes I feel that I am distant from everyone else on this one, however I just investigated at the and I couldn’t help believing that I most likely never can purchase a Seiko watch. I see myself as a complete watchnut and I even see myself as to in any event have some information about wristwatches and purchasing a Seiko or other Japanese watch truly doesn’t fit in. This goes for new and vintage Seikos, however particularly the new ones.

Although I have contemplated the well known Seiko Divers watches, or a decent Seiko 5 programmed lowcost watch, for no reason in particular, yet I still rather spend the cash on a restrictive calfskin lash for one of my Swiss and German constructed watches. It resembles a Japanese vehicle I think, wonderful vehicles, nothing amiss with them… however I could never get them. Simply a question of taste and inclinations I presume. Perhaps it is the absence of character, it very well may be Toyota, however when I look somewhat nearer, it could be a Nissan or Honda also. European watches resemble European vehicles I presume. You can recognize the majority of them from miles distance, and sometimes.. they separate 🙂

What do you think? Are you a Seiko gatherer/lover?