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Rubber B Straps For Your Rolex

– a company situated in Miami, Florida – presented vulcanized elastic ties for various Rolex sports models. Their elastic ties will fit seamlessley to your Rolex Oyster case and the first Rolex fasten of the Oyster arm band will fit without an issue. I went over these lashes by perusing where he covered RUBBER B ties as of now. Go over yonder to see some more photos of the lashes, including some nearby ups of the tie connected to the first Rolex clasp.

This elastic tie could be a phenomenal other option on the off chance that you don’t need to wear your Rolex with a wristband while swimming, on the sea shore or simply during summer. Elastic B asserts the lashes to be of a perfect quality, altogether manufacturerd in Switzerland.

As you can see on the image over, the lash fits impeccably to a Sea-Dweller (ref.16600) and since I have one of those, I would by and by pick the earthy colored one 🙂 There are additionally different tones to browse, similar to dark, white and blue.

RUBBER B’s ties can be requested through their site for $220.- USD a strap.