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Recommended Reading: Roger W. Smith Reunites With His Great Britain Watch -

Recommended Reading: Roger W. Smith Reunites With His Great Britain Watch –

Back in 2015, ace watchmaker Roger W. Smith made an extraordinary watch called the Great Britain to commend his country. On the event of the watch’s display at Phillips in London (as a component of the bigger “Watchmakers: The Master of Art Horology” show), Phillips plunked down with Roger and this watch to examine making watches with the “Daniels Method,” why the Great Britain was a novel test, the improvement of his vocation all the more for the most part, and, of course, his new OBE . 

Roger W. Smith is one of the best living watchmakers anyplace on planet Earth, making observes altogether by hand on the Isle of Man with a little group of compatriots. Less than two dozen watches are created under his name every year, every one specially made to the specific details of the customer. We were lucky enough both to visit Roger in Episode 1 of The Road Through Britain and to have Roger plunk down with us a year ago for a scene of Talking Watches . You will not have any desire to miss either.

As some expansion foundation, Smith was commissioned to make the Great Britain watch back in late 2014, and it was made as a component of a bigger venture put on by the British government to help local art. The piece was then lent to the British government upon its completion and Smith hadn’t seen it in person since. The watch includes a Union banner theme on the dial and amazingly resplendent completing on the development suggestive of what you’d see on conventional British pocket watches. You can peruse our unique report about the Great Britain watch here and see the full specs on Roger W. Smith’s site here .

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