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Rafael Nadal Gets His Richard Mille RM027 Back

Rafael Nadal, who won Roland Garros for the seventh time last Monday, detailed his Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon taken from his inn in Paris. This $374.000 USD tourbillon watch was loan to him by support Richard Mille. Lamentably for Rafael Nadal (and Richard Mille), it wasn’t that he lost one of his valuable RM pieces. It happed before in 2010 with his $500K USD Richard Mille.

French news paper ‘Le Parisien’ announced that the police followed the swiping card from lodging and wound up capturing a barkeep from the inn. The barkeep admitted the burglary and drove the police to the watch on Tuesday night. The barkeep concealed the watch almost a Metro rail track where the police discovered it and returned it securely to Rafael Nadal.

Photo by AP