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R.O.1 SPACE Limited Edition – Dutch ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers' Watch

There have been various watches in space and we attempt to give them some consideration now and again also, yet we give Roland Oostwegel some additional consideration here. Roland Oostwegel (The Netherlands) met Dutch ESA space explorer Andre Kuipers ( ) in 2010 during testing exercises of the Shock-System for watches.

During this experience at the ESA/ESTEC working in Noordwijk (The Netherlands), Andre Kuipers disclosed to Roland Oostwegel about losing his feeling of time when he was on his first space mission in 2004. He revealed to Roland Oostwegel that he wasn’t the solitary space traveler complaining about this wonder. After Andre Kuipers imparted this experience to Oostwegel, he chose to make a watch for space travelers that ought to settle this problem.

The R.O.1 SPACE Special Edition is conceived! One of the watch’s highlights that ought to alleviate this issue, is the mission time counter. Other than customary time, this watch additionally shows the slipped by mission time in days and weeks. Likewise, an additional sub dial shows when the space transport made one full lap around planet Earth which rises to 91 minutes and 59 seconds.

The R.O.1 SPACE watch has been attempted and tried regarding reflections, electricity produced via friction, breaking gem or even loss of the watch. Simply in the wake of passing all tests successfully,  the watch has been permitted join Andre Kuipers on his space trip. To keep the watch from being excessively substantial (and along these lines too costly to even consider joining the flight), Roland Oostwegel has utilized carbon fiber for the watch case.

Roland Oostwegel additionally made restricted arrangement of looks for non-space explorers. Accessible in treated steel, titanium, gold and earthenware production. The non-space traveler Limited Edition has no mission time counter, yet rather a ‘normal’ day and date include has been utilized. Valuable obviously, yet maybe I would have enjoyed it when I could claim a watch with a mission elapsed timer too. Only for it.

Andre Kuipers will leave our Planet Earth on the 21st of December, 2011. During this flight, Andre Kuipers will bring two of these R.O.1. Space watches with him. The watch is outfitted with an ETA/Valjoux 7750 based chronograph, a carbon fiber case and a neoprene lash. The R.O.1 Special Edition and Limited Edition watches have a breadth of 44mm, a thick 2.5mm sapphire gem and measure 15mm in stature. Costs for the tempered steel Limited Edition start at 4900 Euro on the off chance that you pursue one preceding April 21st 2012.

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