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Press release – Arnold & Son unveils the TES Tourbillon

Press release – Arnold & Son unveils the TES Tourbillon

Official Press Release of Arnold & Son. All photographs have been supplanted with our photographs from Baselworld 2014

Royal Collection – TES

Timeless style and imaginative technology:

Arnold & Son’s new TES Tourbillon


True to English watchmaking legacy, Arnold & Son divulges the TES Tourbillon, with the hand-completed A&S8100 type with sapphire barrel connect. This characterizing watch is essential for the Royal Collection which combines exemplary styling with driving edge technology.

The tourbillon development, perhaps the most rich complications in the realm of horology, has assumed a pivotal part in Arnold & Son’s set of experiences. A remarkable watchmaker, John Arnold was a functioning member in perhaps the most exceptional organizations in the realm of imaginative horology. For sure, both he and A.- L. Breguet worked intently, sharing both their insight and energy. Proof of their organization is A.- L. Breguet’s first ever tourbillon mounted in John Arnold’s No. 11 development, a Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews that can be discovered today in London’s British Museum.

Esthetically what sets Arnold & Son’s new TES Tourbillon separated is its cutting edge take on the recognized “English” development plan: the barrel connect for example has the customary English  wave-structure however is made out of sapphire to permit a greatest view on the openworked barrel and wheels. The tourbillon and movement work spans are traditionally three-sided yet are skeletonised. The combination of sapphire and open-worked spans gives an unbelievable profundity and three-dimensional impact to the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews and in this way an advanced look. The remarkable Arnold & Son configuration is additionally reflected by the three-talked wheels. This equivalent three-talked configuration can likewise be found in the tourbillon confine and the openings in the principle plate. The enhancement of the principle plate is a memory of an old guillochépattern found on the instances of antique Arnold & Son pocket Replica Watch Company Reviews The fundamental plate is additionally skeletonised around the barrel and the tourbillon carriage permitting to glance through the development and subsequently through the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews itself.

When compared to more regular tourbillons discovered today, the TES model is supposed to be “altered”, in other words most specialized components and outwardly fascinating highlights are appeared on the dial side, when those would ordinarily be covered up on the opposite of the dial. Other ordinarily English specialized eccentricities will lure even the most requesting Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews epicureans. Take, for example, the strong gold chatons or the even design of the development; to accomplish such an accomplishment requires overcoming various specialized difficulties. In this manner the barrel spring and the tourbillon confine are focused along the watch’s longitudinal pivot. While inspecting the winding framework, one notes the conventional development, which uses wheels with long and restricted spokes known as wolf’s teeth, used to improve the perfection of the in general movement.

It abandons saying that each final detail on this striking piece, with such development improvement as hand-chamfered connects and, much seriously requesting, hand-chamfered wheels with cleaned edges has been finished by hand by Arnold & Son’s lord watchmakers, consequently carrying more splendor and profundity to each enriching element.

This one of a kind watch will be delivered in a restricted version of 28 pieces, in a 44 mm 18-carat red gold case with a NAC dark primary plate, a sapphire barrel extension and rose gold treated scaffolds, independently numbered and engraved.