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Pre-SIHH 2014: Introducing The Calibre de Cartier Diver, A True In-House Tool Watch From Cartier (Live Pics & Details) -

Pre-SIHH 2014: Introducing The Calibre de Cartier Diver, A True In-House Tool Watch From Cartier (Live Pics & Details) –

Anyone who knows anything about watchmaking comprehends at this point that Cartier is a production to be paid attention to. Carole Forestier-Kaspi is driving the fine watchmaking office into uncharted region, consistently coming up with new and imaginative complications and on the more shopper situated side of things the maison is making present day, wearable watches with quality in-house developments. Today we reveal the Caliber de Cartier Diver, a genuine ISO-ensured jump watch containing an in-house 1904 MC type.

Last year, Cartier presented the Caliber de Cartier Chronograph , an executioner in-house chronograph evaluated simply more than $10,000, and much more as of late gave us the Tank MC , an in-house take on Cartier’s most renowned plan. It truly was just a short time before we got a genuine jump watch from Cartier, and today we have it – the Caliber de Cartier diver.

Calibre De Cartier Diver

Back Of The Caliber De Cartier Diver

Now, it would have been simple enough to slap a plunge bezel on a more fundamental Caliber and to consider it daily. Let’s face it – that watch would presumably sell quickly. However, all things being equal, Carter chose to make a genuine ISO-ensured jump watch, a much more troublesome assignment. To be known as a genuine “Jumper’s Watch” under ISO 6425 , the Caliber Diver needed to breeze through various thorough assessments to meet eight essential models: unidirectional planning bezel, dial decipherability, perceivability in obscurity, running sign, magnetic obstruction, stun opposition, chemical opposition, lash strength, and evident water and pressing factor resistance.

Calibre de Cartier Diver On The Wrist

The key here however was making something that would meet these apparatus details, while likewise being an engaging, every day wear watch. At 11mm thick, the Caliber Diver is adequately slight to slide under a sleeve and the 42mm distance across is in accordance with most present day jump watches, if not on the more modest end (that is a point for some other time). The enormous running seconds adjust the larger than average XII and the 120-notch bezel has a generous vibe and sound when it is pivoted. It is affirmed to 300m and comes on an elastic tie or bracelet.

Calibre 1904 MC Movement

Inside the Caliber Diver beats an in-house Cartier development, the type 1904 MC. This was presented in 2010 in the first Caliber de Cartier. It was Cartier’s first obvious in-house type and it is named for the year Cartier acquainted the principal wristwatch with the market. It utilizes two barrels for improved consistency in power conveyance, has hacking seconds, and uses a bi-directional winding framework, all of which help make the 1904 MC an extraordinary workhorse of an advanced development. The equilibrium beats at 4Hz and the development has a 48 hour power save.

Two-Tone Pink Gold and Stainless Steel Caliber de Cartier Diver

Pink Gold Caliber De Cartier Diver

Overall, the Caliber Diver presents a lovely engaging bundle. Stylishly it conveys all the characteristics of the Caliber family (which, honestly, probably won’t be for everybody) except it is something new technologically from Cartier. I surely don’t consider Cartier first when I think “device watch,” however the maison has committed itself to creating a genuine jumper that any stalwart can get behind. Completing on case, dial, and development are largely better than expected and it’s energizing to see Cartier keep on growing as a watchmaker.

The Caliber de Cartier Diver will be accessible later in 2014 in tempered steel, pink gold, and a two-tone choice. Estimating information is forthcoming, yet we’re advised each of the three will be evaluated to compete with comparable watches from well-known brands in the classification. Visit Cartier online for more.