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Introducing: The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 'Special' SBGH266 For 20th Anniversary Of Caliber 9S -

Photo Essay: The Seiko 'Fifty Three Fathoms'

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One of the really energizing new watches by Seiko in late memory is the SNZH53 – likewise prevalently referred to around the web as the ‘Fifty Three Fathoms’. There are additionally white, dark and green dial variations, and a dim PVD case. It is fueled by the pervasive Seiko 5 7S36 development – a workhorse that can be found in pretty much every programmed Seiko under $300. There’s not a ton to say about the development other than a) it’s completely in-house, yet collected with right around zero human mediation; b) it needs manual winding and hacking; c) it twists effectively in fact because of the ‘Magic Lever’ pawl framework; d) there’s a day-date work with the day in two dialects or Roman numerals. Practical would most likely be the best depiction, yet at this cost, who’s complaining?

More fascinating are the feel. There are a ton of Seiko plans which come so near hitting one out of the recreation center, however because of some peculiarity – maybe concessions for Japanese homegrown market tastes – they don’t get the stogie. The ’53, then again, does pretty much everything right. Bizarrely, it has a bezel with precious stone addition; I’m almost certain it’s Hardlex (mineral) like different gems. The dial is an enrapturing shade of dark blue, which luckily figured out how to coordinate a NATO I ended up having (the watch is conveyed on a not terrible, but not great either wristband). Furthermore, the crown is at the 3 o’clock position instead of the typical 4 o’clock seen on other Seiko 5 models.

The case is overall quite strong – shockingly profound – with a blend of brushed and cleaned surfaces. I for one didn’t like the brushed pieces, so out came the Cape Cod and real effort. This is the outcome a few hours of polishing.

Without further ado, appreciate the pictures!* MT

*A expression of counsel: never put your mineral precious stones face-down on a Teflon dish. The Teflon coat is more enthusiastically than the gem and WILL scratch it! Taken in the most difficult way possible so you don’t have to.