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Photo essay – The Blancpain Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa

Photo essay – The Blancpain Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa

Blancpain welcomed us for an activity stuffed weekend at the . One of five adjusts in the  . The main three were at Monza, Silverstone and Paul Ricard recently. Each for the length of 3 hours. Spa is the fourth and longest race lasting 24 hours. On september 11 the last 1000km race will be driven on the Nürnburgring in Germany. Our in-house picture taker appreciated the end of the week with Blancpain and got back with the accompanying impression. 

After showing up at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit we were welcomed at the Blancpain represent the Blancpain Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa. A few vehicles were in plain view around the enclosures, including the new .

While investigating the enclosures the race begins. On our approach to see the race we pass Pirelli, the authority tire provider. It takes 20 trucks and up to 80 staff to supply the ± 9000 (!) tires that are utilized during this weekend. Teams are driving to and fro with new and utilized tires to the Pirelli workshop.

Next on the time-table and for a couple of fortunate (and trying) Blancpain visitors is the ‘VIP Laps’. One lap around in a Lamborghini at max throttle, or a little more slow for weak willed. Yet, regardless of how they delighted in the course, it was a ‘Big grin guaranteed’ lap around the circuit. Other than road legitimate vehicles like the yellow Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, some had the opportunity to appreciate the circuit in a race-spec Lamborghini Gallardo GT3. Equipped with a second seat for this occasion.

Just before the 24 hour race all vehicles are parked on the circuit during the ‘grid walk’. One last opportunity to see the vehicles very close, take a ‘grid-selfie’, meet the flawless network young ladies and see the drivers getting ready for the race. Minutes before the beginning everybody needs to get to the rival side of the lattice and the vehicles leave for the start of the race. During the next hours we had the opportunity to see the race from different areas around the circuit.

Darkness assumes control over the Blancpain Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa. All vehicles are furnished with lit numbers, different lights and their situation in plain view in the front window. This makes them genuinely simple to perceive, even at high speed.

We return on sunday for an in the background visit. We will see the telecom, timekeeping and the pits. Al camera signals from around the circuit come together in a portable unit. Here the streams are dissected, handled and circulated straightforwardly to TV-channels who report live. Outlines are made like clockwork. Up next is the timekeeping room where all information is gathered. Each vehicle is outfitted with a transponder, including a switch for each driver. Recieving wires around the circuit register the real position. All information is gathered utilized by the groups and broadcasting group. Special statistics are accessible on solicitation any time during the race. Toward the end goal a camera is set up in the event of a near tie. Next stop is the pitbox where the team is watching the race or getting some extra sleep.

We expected the vast majority of these administrations being accessible at the circuit, yet we discovered that practically everything is introduced before the race. A monstrous calculated test when you consider all the work that goes into the getting sorted out of ‘just’ one race end of the week. For each one of those included, job done the right way! We head back to the race-track to appreciate the excess long periods of racing.

Official  .

It was an impressive weekend and we say thanks to Blancpain for their incredible accommodation during the whole weekend.