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Photo Essay: Something Different – The Nomos Ludwig 33

As normal, click on the picture for a bigger version.

It’s time for something somewhat extraordinary. First and foremost, this piece is something the women will appreciate: a very much completed, 33mm hand-winding old style watch. Albeit 33mm used to be Patek Philippe ‘s mens’ size, today it’s somewhat on the little side in any event, for the more attractive sex. Among contemporary watches, the lone comparable piece would be the JLC Master Ultra Thin at 34mm, and maybe a Patek repeater or two (however clearly they’re all in totally different cost categories!)

This Nomos, in any case, is prominently reasonable, and is another of those watches that conveys incredible value for the money: you get a [we believe] in-house development, excellent dial and hands, and a pleasant case. The development is presumably an in-house planned development however helps us to remember a vigorously changed ETA (some time ago Peseaux) 7001, albeit this one games a three quarter plate, snail graining on all the haggles pleasant ‘Glashutte stripe’ finish. The hands are cleaned dark blue cudgel which drift over the ethereal silver dial, itself having a warm radiance and sheen.

At this point, you’re most likely contemplating whether the actual watch is the ‘something different’: there’s one more shock. These pictures were shot with Leica M rangefinder focal points – the 50/1.4 ASPH and 28/2.8 ASPH – with a combination of connectors, expansion cylinders and bodies. The subsequent picture was really shot with a M9-P rangefinder body, Visoflex III connector and nonstop LED lighting. The Visoflex III is an old embellishment that Leica produced using the 60s onwards to compete with the SLR assault; it permits SLR seeing on your M rangefinder. I’m extremely satisfied with the apparent range; hope to see a greater amount of this later on. Combined with augmentation tubes on the Nikon D700 body , far more prominent than ordinary amplification (up to 3.5:1!) is conceivable – these pictures, including the closeups, are the full casing and not crops.

Enjoy! MT

Second hand. No blue paint here; everything blue you see on a Nomos is hued by heat treatment, the good old way.