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Photo Essay – Cartier Manufacture Visit in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Photo Essay – Cartier Manufacture Visit in La Chaux-de-Fonds

It’s early Thursday morning and my morning timer goes off. This isn’t something that happens a ton on work days, there should be something exceptional going on. My plan reveals to me I must be at Schiphol Airport in two hours.

After managing a blustery heavy traffic, I show up at KLM Jet Center. This spot resembles a distant business zone, not what you’d be expecting when you are making a trip to Switzerland. Soon after I end up in a parlor, sitting above an enormous landscape with a few jets.

It is here that I meet my kindred voyagers for now, and barely 15 minutes after the fact we take off in the Cartier Jet, heading towards the Cartier Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Cartier Manufacture Visit

Shortly after, we show up in Switzerland and move to the Cartier Manufacture where we are welcomed via Carole Forestier-Kasapi. With a not insignificant rundown of horological accomplishments, including head of plan studio at Renaud & Papi, she was enlisted via Cartier International in 1999 for their development improvement division as Fine Replica Watch Company Reviews Movement constructor.

Later on, Carole Forestier-Kasapi became head of Cartier’s Fine Replica Watch Company Reviews Movement Development and at present she is the head of Movement Creation.

After a concise presentation and clarifying the program of the day we start with the real Cartier Manufacture visit. Beginning with seeing a few models and custom versions we proceed with our way to the R&D department.

Here, one of the representatives clarifies the Mystery Tourbillon by showing cross segments and activitys in their CAD program. Followed by a short showing of another case plan that is resistant to the impact of attractive fields.

This is shown by the utilization of a ground-breaking magnet. Holding it to a customary case, the development stops quickly, where-as the new case configuration shows that the development will simply continue ticking without problems.

After this exhibition, the time had come to proceed onward to the La Chaux-de-Fonds creation office. Experiencing the Cartier Manufacture we see an unending measure of (turn) processing machines creating a wide range of parts for Cartier arm bands and fastens. All parts are as yet wrapped up by hand. The equivalent goes for the Cartier Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews cases.

Following stage in the process is the completing of unpleasant parts and some get together. Here we perceive how they adjust precious stones. One of numerous cycles that is in plain view all through the whole Cartier Manufacture. They clarify what is done by then with tests of the means all through the process.

Above a photograph of a worker chipping away at Cartier’s hands. Piece by piece, the hands are being cleaned prior to being demonstrated in their last shape. A short time later, they are being blued and additionally have Luminova applied to them.

Below a bunch of cases during a cleaning cycle. As you can see on the photographs beneath, the Replica Watch Company Reviews Company Reviews cases are being cleaned and wrapped up by hand, much the same as the parts for the arm band and clasp.

Before the wristband is being amassed, each connection is being cleaned piece-by-piece and by hand.

The following stage showed us the get together of the gem, accompanied by the presentation clarifying how and how it is being dealt with accomplish this step.

Moving along in the Cartier Manufacture, we arrive at the thumping heart of the Replica Watch Company Reviews The Cartier development office. In this office different developments are being amassed and tested.

It is a gigantic office where everything is efficient and shading facilitated by development type.

Our last stop of the Cartier Manufacture visit is the Restoration and Haute Horlogerie departement where we will see some intriguing timepieces.

After having a pleasant lunch, we head back to where our Cartier Manufacture visit started. We will see some more Cartier watches from different assortments, as you can see below.

Late in the early evening as of now, we bid farewell to Carole and express gratitude toward her and Cartier for their accommodation. We trust you appreciated this photograph article of the Cartier Manufacture.