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Photo Essay: An Unusual Tudor

The subject of today’s focal point work is an extremely uncommon (and furthermore all around worn with flawless patina) Tudor Submariner model 7016/0; the chronic number dates it from the mid 1970s.

However, I was informed that this specific watch was really bought as a component of a mass part by the French naval force for their jumpers – consequently the ‘Marine Nationale MN’ stamp working on it back. In contrast to other military powers, the French paid off the rack watches as opposed to commissioning an uncommon group – apparently to keep the expenses down.

The bird peered toward among you will see that this isn’t the first dial. Rather it’s a substitution ‘snowflake’ – and there’s a valid justification for this, as well. By and by, to save costs, the MN utilized their own in-house watchmakers whose goal was to keep the watches useable and running, not pretty; they basically traded out whatever extra parts they needed to hand to make a working piece and turn it back into administration as quick as could really be expected. This has made various fascinating and one of a kind pieces for the authority, particularly a model like this – which has full decommissioning papers and accompanying photos to confirm that this was the specific condition it left the Navy in.

Enjoy the photographs! Obviously, a tick on any one takes you to a bigger form. MT