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Introducing: The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Day-Date -

Oops, they did it again…

We all realize that Omega was picked to be the provider of the watch for NASA space travelers, this watch, is the celebrated . As of not long ago, sometimes Omega acquaints a type of accolade with the Moonwatch. The vast majority of them are standard Speedmaster Professional models with engravings on the caseback or on the case. Like this one .

Omega additionally introduced a case brimming with ‘Mission’ Speedmaster Professional models, these had a missionpatch on the subregister at 9 o’clock. For the “Last Man on the Moon” mission, they even presented a model with a Snoopy figure in the subregister at 9 o’clock and a major Snoopy picture on the caseback. Note: Snoopy is a NASA award.

All fine, however now… Omega presented a Speedmaster Pro ‘From Moon to Mars’ release and it would seem that this:

Have they lost their psyches? After the presentation of this watch at the Basel reasonable it hushed up ar0und this appalling thing, yet it is in any event, springing up in magazines to ‘promote’ Omega… I don’t figure this can be characterized as promotion…