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Only one watch

So you have 2500 Euro (around 3400 USD) for a watch, and you can have just one…. which one would you choose?

My companion Rob L. asked on the Public Forum at TimeZone, which didn’t furnish him with much new bits of knowledge. The vast majority prompted him watches he previously had (and sold). Among them a Seamaster Professional by Omega, a Panerai 40mm (in light of the fact that Rob thinks the 44mm isn’t actually his style), a Submariner etc.

Anyway, he went for a Rolex Date-Just ref.16234 (which represents a hardened steel model, jubil?© wristband and white gold lunette) which is an astounding decision I think. A basic and exemplary watch which suits about each clothingstyle and which is, a large portion of all, tough and solid because of the oystercasing and the phenomenal type 3135 movement.

Personally, I would presumably go ‘sports’ Rolex, similar to a Sea-Dweller, Submariner or GMT-Master II. Utilized ofcourse. A Date-Just is extremely pleasant, and I do have one in my present assortment, however I became accustomed to bigger watches, so 38mm/40mm is a type of necessity for me. My ‘only watch’ ought to in any event meet these ‘features’:

– at any rate 38mm in distance across;

– hardened steel;

– date include;

– mechanical (with a decent completion);

– a waterresistancy of ATM10;

– hardened steel arm band;

– of a brand with history or if nothing else ‘a story’;

– saphire precious stone;

– not vintage;

As an option in contrast to the Rolex models referenced, I could make due with a Speedmaster BroadArrow in the event that I could be certain that the development would be working effectively ( type 330x issues here ). An IWC Mark XV would be an alternative, if these are accessible on treated steel wristband for this sort of cash which I truly question. Breitling is no choice, not my sort of watch.

What would you purchase as ‘only watch’ for 2500 Euro?