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OMEGA Speedmasters And Chevrolet Corvette – An Odd Combination? We Don't Think So!

OMEGA Speedmasters And Chevrolet Corvette – An Odd Combination? We Don't Think So!

If you’ve at any point been to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as of late, watched the Apollo 13 film or.. far better.. seen it yourself, you realize that the NASA astronauts used to have a solid inclination for Chevrolet Corvette sports cars.

The picture above shows the Apollo 12 group with their cherished Chevrolet Corvettes. Astronauts Charles ‘Pete’ Conrad Jr., Richard Francis Gordon Jr. what’s more, Alan LaVern Bean with their 1969 Corvette Stingray roadsters. Wired magazine did a pleasant article on NASA astronauts and their Corvettes a year ago, from which the image above was taken ( .

In the book ‘Last man on the Moon’ by space explorer Gene Cernan, he additionally alludes to the Corvettes a few times, being the decision of the NASA astronauts. Much the same as the Speedmaster Professional watch by OMEGA. Underneath, a ‘still’ of the Apollo 13 film, Gary Sinise assuming the part of space explorer Ken Mattingly inclining toward the top of his Corvette and checking the time on his OMEGA Speedmaster Professional.

Although with regards to a genuine watch – vehicle comparison, I’d most likely say that the Speedmaster (pre-)Professional is to watches what the Porsche 911 is to vehicles. In any case, to remain with regards to astronauts and their toys, we (Dennis, Bert and RJ) took our Speedies and began searching for a Corvette ourselves. This somewhat uncommon consideration here in Europe was not simple to discover, not to mention finding an old/vintage model Corvette. Eventually, we found a cutting edge Chevrolet Corvette and in spite of the fact that it comes up short on the extremely cool plan of the 1960s models it inhales execution and strength.

We have been searching for vintage advertisements and photos of the Corvette highlighting astronauts and discovered this one of (Mercury-3 and Apollo 14) and his Corvette. His Corvette is currently in the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitors Complex in Florida.

Below, Dennis and the advanced Corvette yet in any event wearing a vintage Speedmaster Professional on a velcro lash from GasGasbones .

On the motor, from left to right, a Speedmaster Professional 145.022 from 1971, a Speedmaster Professional Gemini IV Limited Edition of 2005 and a 1968 Speedmaster Professional 145.012.

Although we weren’t exceptionally eager about this advanced Corvette (with the exception of Dennis), we comprehend the enthusiasm these astronauts had for these old Corvette Stingrays. They look more complex than the new models and presumably had a more calm – however less plastic – inside as well.

The sublime plan of the Corvette Stingray is difficult to beat and it is the lone Corvette we would appreciate possessing. In the same way as other things, the advanced stuff can’t satisfy the first plan so the solitary way is purchasing vintage. The beneficial thing about the OMEGA Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ is that – albeit the ‘Professional’ variant experienced a couple of little changes – it remained a similar watch. You can’t turn out badly with either a pristine Speedy Moonwatch or a vintage piece with the old 321 type, despite the fact that we have our preferences.