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OMEGA Speedmaster CK2915-2 For Auction At Dr H Crott

The first Speedmaster watch, the CK2915, is available to be purchased at Dr H Crott barters on the eleventh of May. Along with a ton of Patek Philippe and Rolex watches, they have this 1958 Speedy CK2915-2 recorded in pleasant condition. It has been overhauled in 2011 at Omega in Switzerland, however they’ve figured out how to keep it as unique as conceivable in my opinion.

This specific Speedmaster was delivered in 1958 by Lemania, which was possessed by Omega around then and were authorized to do as such, and dispatched to Argentina. The image above shows the excellent balanced case (39mm) with straight drags and the absence of crown watches that they’ve added to the Speedy a couple of years after the fact (beginning with reference 105.012).

Auction house Dr.H. Crott assessed 45.000 – 65.000 Euro ($61.1K – $92.2K USD) for this watch, which may be somewhat eager given the way that it has been overhauled all things considered. Yet, let’s keep a watch out of course.

The Speedmaster CK2915-2 has, similar to all pre 198 models, a type 321 chronograph development with segment wheel which was supplanted by type 861 later on. Omega actually utilizes this development (changed later on with one additional gem, calling it type 1861) for their present Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” references.

A delightful watch which will absolutely get a ton of consideration during the sale and if there’s a satisfactory hold, it will bring an exorbitant cost. For more data on the upcoming Dr H Crott sell off, . This Speedmaster CK2915 ‘Broad Arrow’ is part 34551 and can be directly.