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Omega Seamaster Anakin Skywalker – It Hasn’t Turned To The Dark Side.. Yet.

Omega made a great deal of unusual and interesting looking watches during the 1970s, I surmise the Seamaster ref.145.023 is one of them. It has been presented in a dark fired rendition and a high clean tungsten-chrome completed variant, both from the mid 1970s and indistinguishable as far as measurements, utilized development and extraordinariness. Chronograph legend Chuck Maddox nicknamed the tungsten-chrome Seamaster ref.145.023 similar to the ‘Anakin Skywalker Seamaster’ and the dark completion model as the ‘Darth Vader’ Seamaster. On his site, he depicted the two watches in detail ( ).

Today, I saw that a German watch vendor has an Anakin Skywalker Seamaster available to be purchased, in exceptionally decent condition and complete with Omega’s Warranty Certificate booklet, as they did during the 1970s (and prior on). It gives off an impression of being in extraordinary condition, the merchant depicts it as being in a “90%” condition, and comes with a year warranty.

This odd looking Seamaster with the prestige Omega type 861 – in light of Lemania – development, is a genuine shocker. A similar sort of development has been utilized in the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ from 1968 till the 1990s.

in Germany is the merchant and asks 2.890,= Eur for this uncommon Omega Seamaster chronograph. .