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Omega Seamaster 1948 Olympic

In 1948, Omega acquainted the world with their Seamaster watch. Omega’s commercial head of that time, Adolphe Vallat mentioned a watch that was water safe with a programmed development. Omega’s architect René Bannwart had a sketch on the rack that was initially expected to be another Centenary model (the archetype of the Constellation ) that he discovered to be too cumbersome to ever be a rich dress watch. Adolphe Vallat ended up thinking that its an ideal counterpart for his request.

So, there it was, the absolute first Omega Seamaster. 34mm in distance across, a guard development and with these great looking bulky hauls. These absolute first Seamaster looks (as presented underneath) were accessible with either focus seconds or a little sub dial for the second hand. The programmed developments utilized in these watches were the purported ‘bumper’ developments because of the rotor that didn’t make a going full bore yet rather ‘bumped’ to and fro over a more modest angle.

Left is a CK2518 Seamaster with Chronometer development type 343, right is a CK2577 with a type 350 development. Photograph by Omega Press.

Omega has utilized the Seamaster to commend the Olympic games previously and the most well known model is likely the Seamaster XVI and Seamaster Cross of Merit in 1956. These models were particularly produced for the sixteenth Olympic games in Melbourne in 1956 and to commend the authority supporting by Omega for the 25th time in succession. Both of these watches are profoundly sought-after nowadays, particularly the model with the Cross of Merit on the dial and on the cowhide box it came in.

Of course, Omega was additionally the authority watch of the Olympic games in 1948 in London. For both London (summer games) and St.Moritz (winter games), Omega utilized a brief moment chronograph pocket watch in a security case. One year from now, 2012, the Olympic games are being held in London once more, and Omega commends it with a restricted release (limited to 1948 pieces) Seamaster watch. This time notwithstanding, it’s anything but an extravagant variant of an all around existing model, yet a totally new planned watch with the DNA of those absolute first Seamasters in 1948. Massive carries, a reasonable dial and dauphine hands. Above, you see an image that I took during my creation introduction meeting with Omega in Basel. The sub dial seconds, dauphine hands, bolt molded hour markers, unique shape Omega logo at 12 o’clock and the phrasing beneath could be deluding you that it is a vintage Omega Seamaster in New Old Stock condition. The size of 38mm in breadth, the side of the case and the Co-Axial phrasing on the dial part with the way that this is a pristine watch by Omega.

The back of the watch has a gold Olympic games logo embellished for the situation and conveys the special number of the watch (of 1948 pieces). As you maybe can see on this image, the crown of the watch looks fundamentally the same as the first ones utilized in 1948 (and kept on doing as such work at any rate some place in the 1950s).

This Seamaster 1948 Olympic is water impervious to 120 meters (400ft), highlights Omega’s co-pivotal caliber 2202 development and is 38mm in diamater. It comes in a white cowhide box with red and blue accents. Rundown cost of the Omega Seamaster Olympic 1948 Automatic Co-Axial will be around 4.000,- Euro.

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