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Movies for the watch lover

Today I purchased the Le Mans DVD, with Steve McQueen. This is the film where the Heuer Monaco was put on the horological map πŸ™‚ Heuer even created a rendition of the Monaco with the tones (red/white/blue) of his dashing suit. Some time back I posted about an attire brand called Vintage 55, who makes ‘replicas’ of his dashing clothes.

Anyway, for 10 USD you are the man. You can make your own ‘stills’ with this DVD of the Heuer Monaco. Btw, I review that Steve McQueen was a devoted Rolex Explorer wearer. You should check in which film this is though…

While I am busy at any rate, you should arrange this one too. This is the film called Winning, where Paul Newman wears his Daytona. Or on the other hand not. That actually is by all accounts the inquiry. At any rate, since then… Rolex has a vintage Daytona called ‘Paul Newman’ or just ‘PN’ that has an unbelievable religion status with dito cost tag.

John E Brozek (of the acclaimed book on the most proficient method to distinguish authentic Rolexes) addressed Paul Newman and composed a little exposition on it.

“First, let me say that I have seen Winning on various events, and keeping in mind that he wears a hardened steel chronograph in essentially every scene, the watch is never shown clear enough to emphatically recognize the brand or model. Besides, the face has all the earmarks of being silver and the brand name differentiating registers are not identifiable.

After investigating some of the special film banners and anteroom cards for the film, they also neglect to emphatically recognize the watch as a Daytona. Consequently, it is impossible that the overall population would mistake it for a Daytona.

When I asked Mr. Newman about these hypotheses, he expressed that he was ignorant of how his name got joined to the watch, and he didn’t review in any event, wearing a Daytona in Winning. Besides, he expressed that his first Daytona, and the one he presently wears, was given to him by his significant other in 1972, the exact year he began his expert dashing vocation. It merits referencing that the previously mentioned watch isn’t a Paul Newman (extraordinary dial) model by any means, but instead seems, by all accounts, to be a Daytona (model 6263), with dark dial and white registers.”