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MBandF Reveals Their JWLRYMACHINE Today

I just got an email from Max Büsser (of ) with their most recent creation, the JWLRYMACHINE. A joint endeavor among MB&F and Boucheron, a 152 year old high gems legend. You either love it or disdain it, their new plan MB&F Horological Machine No.3, yet it is essentially the best craftmanship of the two universes possible.

The idea driving this JLWRYMACHINE is making the awesome of the two universes, the one of haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie. The plan group of Boucheron was just paralyzed when they took a first look at the all around existing Horological Machine No.3 watch that Max Büsser and his group made. The other way around, Max Büsser was exceptionally dazzled by the plan of the Owl. He promptly chose this plan from various portrayed made by the Boucheron designer’s team.

One of the most shocking highlights of the owl configuration is the clear bosom. It is shaped from a solitary square of amethyst or rose quartz (contingent upon the form), which should be adequately huge and uncommonly unadulterated. Along these lines, you can see the pulsating heart of the owl, delivered by the great planned rotor beneath.

Inside this great looking and valuable haute joaillerie owl ticks the complex 305-component motor of the Horological Machine No.3. Everything data can be perused on , however here are a couple of details of the watch:


  • Hour and day/night marker on one cone
  • Minutes on second cone
  • Date around the movement


  • JWLRYMACHINE, Purple: 18K White Gold/Titanium and Amethyst
  • Breast made of an engraved amethyst: 35.27K
  • Eyes made of two cabochon amethysts: 6.34K
  • Diamonds: approx. 0.96K
  • Blue and purple sapphires: approx. 5.17K
  • Screwed-down crown with cabochon amethyst: 0.33K

More data can be found at .