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Made In The USA: Horween Shell Cordovan Straps Now Available In The  Shop -

Made In The USA: Horween Shell Cordovan Straps Now Available In The Shop –

For longer than a year at this point we’ve been bringing you hand-made Italian cowhide watch lashes and pouches, and only a couple weeks prior we included some nylon NATO ties along with everything else. Well today we’re presenting to you another new expansion to the HODINKEE Shop: Horween Shell Cordovan ties made here in the USA. We have both lined and unlined ties in an assortment of sizes and shadings, so there truly is an ideal lash for pretty much every watch.

Lined Shell Cordovan Strap In Color #8

If you haven’t knew about Horween , you’ve been passing up a major opportunity. Situated in downtown Chicago for the only remaining century, Horween makes the absolute best cowhide in the world. In the event that you’ve at any point thrown an authority guideline football , you’ve dealt with Horween cowhide. In any case, what Horween is generally well known for is their Shell Cordovan, which is the highest quality level across the footwear and leathergoods businesses.

The measure gets going with morally sourced horse stows away (no ponies are killed for their skins) and afterward the conceals experience a restrictive half year tanning measure. Just the shells, which are two round areas by the pony’s hindquarters, become cordovan (henceforth the name Shell Cordovan), which has a marginally reflexive surface, is very extreme, and takes on a fantastic patina over time. 

Unlined HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan Straps

Our HODINKEE Shell Cordovan lashes come in two assortments, lined and unlined, and both are made right in Illinois, not very a long way from where the actual cowhide is made. The unlined ties are an adaptable segment of shell cordovan with a steel clasp conclusion and matching stitching that nearly vanishes. It truly doesn’t get any more comfortable than these ties and they can look easygoing or dressy relying upon the watch they’re on. On the underside you’ll locate an extraordinary HODINKEE/Horween logo that reviews the Horween logo stamped onto the raw shells at the Chicago tannery. We’re offering both 18mm and 20mm varieties in dark, regular, and Color #8 (a rich burgundy shading that is the starting point of individuals calling this tone “cordovan”).

Lined And Stitched Shell Cordovan Straps

Then we have the lined cordovan ties also. These are sportier and have a slim padded fixing sewn into them with matching string. They include a similar steel hardware and you’ll discover “HODINKEE” stamped on one side and “Horween Shell Cordovan”  on the other. The cushioning in these lashes makes wearing somewhat heavier watches simpler, so we’ve had these made in both 20mm and 22mm varieties, again in dark, common, and Color #8. 

Unlined Black Shell Cordovan Strap On The Wrist

You can locate the full choice of HODINKEE Shell Cordovan Made in the USA ties here and we recommend you visit Horween online for additional on the astounding tanning measure.

HODINKEE/Horween Logo Stamped Into The Back Of A Color #8 Unlined Strap