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Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II

I’m pretty comfortable expressing that the SpidoLite has consistently been the lead watch of Linde Werdelin’s assortment, albeit the term leader isn’t utilized by watch brands – with the exception of Longines – any more. With the main SpidoLite, has put themselves unquestionably on the horological guide and it is presumably the most perceived model from their assortment. A year ago, LW declared the coming of their first chronograph ( we covered it here ) and has as of late began conveying them to their organization of sellers. In view of a similar complex case development of that SpidoSpeed, LW presently presents the new SpidoLite, adding a spotless and basic ‘II’ to its name for simple identification.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite

To make things somewhat simpler for you, I’ve set up the two. On the correct side, the main SpidoLite (SA version) and on the left side, the SpidoLite II. From the outset, nothing definitely changed and the cool plan has been kept in politeness. The new SpidoLite II highlights a little second hand on 9 o’clock rather than an incorporated second hand and the ‘Linde Werdelin’ phrasing moved from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock.

Although the comparison picture above shows pretty much similar measurements, the SpidoLite II contracted a piece. Where-as the first SpidoLite estimated 46 (w) x 49 (l) x 12 (h) mm, the new SpidoLite II estimates 44 (w) x 46 (l) x 15 (h) mm. A slight bit thicker, however little all things considered. Maybe its thickness has something to do with the new case development ( like the one of the SpidoSpeed ) or its new internal works, based on Valérien Jaquet’s Concepto Mechanical Automatic (type 2251) movement.

Where as certain brands make the new forms of existing watches smoother, LW’s SpidoLite II keeps it crude and modern with their titanium case. The SpidoLite II will become accessible in both titanium and titanium anthracite DLC forms, limited to 100 pieces each. The primary cluster will be alluded to as their A-arrangement, much the same as we’ve seen with their SpidoSpeed and brands like Panerai and Audemars Piguet. Later on, it will be not difficult to allude to specific creations runs and years utilizing this system.

Although the SpidoLite II has been improved with another development and case development, the value remains pretty much like the SpidoLite SA (Svend Andersen version). 9930 Euro for the Titanium Anthracite DLC adaptation and 9360 Euro for the SpidoLite II Titanium variant, including VAT.

More subtleties can be found at . On the off chance that you need to find out about Linde Werdelin’s organizers and thoughts, read the meeting I did with Jorn Werdelin for AskMen recently.