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Introducing The Piaget Altiplano 38mm Skeleton 1200S For Only Watch 2013 -

Introducing The Piaget Altiplano 38mm Skeleton 1200S For Only Watch 2013 –

Piaget has truly hit on something with the Altiplano Skeleton, figuring out how to make the world’s most slender (5.34mm) automatic openworked watch in a way that is both sensitive and manly. For Only Watch 2013—the fifth release of the biennial charity closeout for Duchenne strong dystrophy—Piaget will present a unique Altiplano Skeleton that has been given a dark PVD finish to feature the watch’s hazier side.

The Original Altiplano Skeleton for Only Watch 2011

While the Altiplano has been a Piaget backbone for quite a while, curiously, the company’s first cut at skeletonizing the Altiplano was additionally an Only Watch. Presented in the 2011 sale, the main Altiplano skeleton was additionally PVD treated, however as you would anticipate from the principal skeleton in the line, it was an altogether different watch – you can see our involved glance at the first here . Since at that point, the company has refined the development essentially and the white gold manifestation has become one of Piaget’s most discussed contributions ( see here for live pics and our musings on this watch ).

The Back Of The Piaget Only Watch For 2013

At the core of this uncommon watch is the shocking type 1200s, which at 2.40mm thick is completely record setting. While it probably won’t be the most effortless watch to peruse, we need to offer props to Piaget for keeping the engravings and etching on this unique Altiplano to a classy piece of marking on the facade of the actual development. Working on this issue back, the company has likewise engraved the words “Just Watch 2013” and “Unique Piece.”

This Year’s Only Watch From Piaget

Held by HRH Prince Albert II during the Monaco Yacht Show, Only Watch brings both awareness and research assets to strong dystrophy. Preceding the bartering, the assortment of extraordinarily planned watches from 40 top producers will visit with stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Peking, New York and Geneva. Discover more about the occasion here. 

Here you can locate the current rundown of watches for Only Watch 2013  and you can likewise check out our look inside Piaget’s Geneva headquarters .