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Introducing: The Grand Seiko 9F 25th Anniversary Limited Editions -

Introducing: The Grand Seiko 9F 25th Anniversary Limited Editions –

Speedy Take

The most recent rendition of Grand Seiko’s quartz 9F wristwatch offers very high exactness in two case and wristband plans – one dependent on the principal 9F quartz Grand Seiko watch from 1993, and the other for a situation got from the 1967 Grand Seiko 44GS.

The original Grand Seiko 9F from 1993.

Why This Watch Matters

One of two new restricted commemorative releases for the 25th commemoration of 9F, the SBGT241.

The original Grand Seiko quartz watch was dispatched in 1988, and the type 9F, presented in 1993, addresses the best in class in high-accuracy quartz timekeeping. These two new restricted versions offer a solid association elaborately to two famous Grand Seikos of the previous (one quartz, and one mechanical) and offer Grand Seiko fans, and anybody inspired by high exactness and high precision watchmaking for the good of its own, intriguing new augmentations to Grand Seiko’s current 9F lineup.

Introductory Thoughts

The Grand Seiko quartz type 9F is a characteristic piece of the historical backdrop of Grand Seiko itself. The last Grand Seiko mechanical watch, preceding the relaunch of the Grand Seiko name in 1988, had been made in 1975 and when Grand Seiko was once again introduced, it was as a quartz watch: the Grand Seiko 95GS (mechanical Grand Seiko watches would not be once again introduced for an additional ten years, in 1998). The hand-gathered type 9F appeared in 1993, and was, and stays, one of the not many quartz wristwatch types equipped for exactness on the request for ±10 seconds of the year (a run of the mill quartz watch is precise to ±15 seconds out of each month). The 25th Anniversary models are managed to ±5 seconds out of every year, which is represented by a five-pointed star on the dial.

SBGV238 highlights a gold bezel and a case dependent on the vintage 44GS mechanical Grand Seiko. Both restricted releases have dials including Seiko’s adapted quartz gem symbol.

The type 9F, notwithstanding offering obviously superior to average precision (Seiko really develops its own quartz gems and for the type 9F, chooses and pre-ages gems that have the most elevated rate soundness) has various other designing preferences over an ordinary quartz development. The development runs in 9 gems and utilizations a two-beat stepper engine to decrease energy devoured while changing the situation of the hands (the greatest energy channel in a quartz watch) and the development is airtight fixed from the battery compartment, to keep dust from entering the development when the battery’s changed. The type 9F likewise offers a cam-and-switch framework for quick exchanging of the date. Albeit most quartz Grand Seiko watches don’t have a presentation back (which I’ve generally thought is somewhat of a disgrace; it is extraordinary to have one at any rate as a choice) the 44GS-based commemoration model (which has a gold bezel) does; this is the first run through to the extent I’m mindful that a showcase back has been offered on a quartz Grand Seiko watch.

If you’re in the camp that accepts no quartz watch merits in any event, passing interest these are clearly not for you, but rather for Grand Seiko fans, gatherers, and those intrigued by high exactness convenient horology, these are really energizing watches; the presentation back on the gold bezel model is kind of compelling. An extraordinary expansion to the arrangement (and kid might I want to see a showcase back choice for GS 9F quartz models in the normal creation lineup!)

The Basics

Brand: Grand Seiko
Model: Quartz 9F 25th Anniversary Limited Editions
Reference Number: SBGT241 (all steel), SBGV238 (steel and gold)

Diameter: 39.10mm (SBGT241), 40mm (SBGV238)
Thickness: SBGT241, 10.9mm; SBGV238, 10mm
Case Material: Stainless steel (SBGT241), Stainless steel with 18k yellow gold bezel and sapphire presentation back (SBGV238)
Dial Color: White or champagne; Grand Seiko quartz precious stone motif
Indexes: Applied, jewel polished
Lume: None
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet

The Movement

Caliber: 9F83 (SBGT241), 9F82 (SBGV238)
Functions: Time, day of the week, and date (9F83), Time, date (9F82)
Frequency: 32,768 hertz; managed to ±5 seconds blunder per year
Jewels: 9
Additional Details: Temperature compensated quartz oscillator for better rate dependability; two heartbeat stepper engine; fixed development compartment; enlivened extensions; cam-and-switch impelled date exchanging; antimagnetic to 4,800 A/m.

Valuing & Availability

Price: $3,400 (SBGT241), $4,800 (SBGV238)
Availability: May 2018
Limited Edition: 1500 pieces (SBGT241), 600 pieces (SBGV238)

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