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Introducing: The Doxa SUB 300T Divingstar 'Poseidon Edition' (Live Pics & Pricing) -

Introducing: The Doxa SUB 300T Divingstar 'Poseidon Edition' (Live Pics & Pricing) –

Brisk Take

Doxa has been having some fantastic luck recently. Two years prior, the 50th Anniversary SUB 300 deliveries were a sensation and potentially the most verifiably right entertainment of a vintage watch, shy of Omega’s Trilogy assortment. A year ago’s “Dark Lung” accolade was comparably steadfast and sold out in exceptionally short request. Today the company declared another restricted release that will probably have the Doxa unwavering afroth: the SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition,” which reproduces another über-uncommon jump watch from the archives. 

Why This Watch Matters

An unique 1970s Doxa SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon” (photograph: Bukowski’s)

To comprehend why the “Poseidon Edition” is huge, a brisk introduction on Doxa’s classification may be valuable. To start with, there were three variants of Doxa jump watches: the orange-dialed “Proficient,” for which the company is generally well known, the dark dial “Sharkhunter”, and the silver-dial “Searambler”. These three forms were choices on the most punctual SUB 300 and have proceeded from that point forward. Yet, for a concise window of time in the mid 1970s, Doxa additionally made a form of the SUB 300T (the “T” was included 1968 to mean the utilization of tritium) with a brilliant yellow dial, considering it the Divingstar. These brilliant watches were very uncommon and Doxa authorities search them out. Likewise in the mid ’70s, Doxa made a co-marked variant with Poseidon, the Swedish plunge gear company, putting the last’s dark and yellow pike identification on the dial. This form was made in exceptionally little numbers and to discover a vintage one is rare.

The Poseidon logo hasn’t been seen on a Doxa dial for more than 40 years.

Poseidon was established in 1958 and made a sprinkle immediately when it presented the principal single-hose controller, the Cyklon. Prior to this, controllers had two cumbersome accordion-style hoses that jutted from the jumper’s mouthpiece. Poseidon likewise played on its Nordic roots to present the absolute most popular virus water jumping gear. Its thick neoprene drysuit, known as the Unisuit, was seen on the majority of the top profound wreck jumpers during the 1970s and ’80s. The way that Doxa co-marked with Poseidon may appear to be odd today however in those days, Doxas were here and there sold in jump shops and were so reason worked for plunging that they were nearly seen as simply one more piece of gear.

Legendary jumper Richie Kohler wearing a Poseidon Unisuit plunging the Andrea Doria wreck.

The SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition” comes in a 43-millimeter tonneau-formed steel case with 1,200 meters  (3,960 feet in old cash) of water opposition. Obviously, present on the watch is the unidirectional sawtooth bezel engraved with the US Navy’s no-decompression limits scale, that Doxa licensed in 1967. It comes mounted on a steel globules of rice arm band with foldover fasten and jumping expansion. The watch is driven by an ETA-2824-2 self-winding development. On the left half of the case is a helium discharge valve, that I’d as a rule discover irritating , however I will in general give Doxa and Rolex a pass on this element, since the two brands shared the first patent for it, and Doxa was first to deliver a watch with one to the public.

Doxa built up the helium discharge valve with Rolex.

The “dots of rice” wristband is a Doxa signature.

Introductory Thoughts

I got an opportunity to attempt the Poseidon Edition and it feels… like a Doxa. This is a brand with polarizing feel. The odd hands, the conspicuous bezel and the somewhat flashy arm band are a gained taste, one that I, as a jumper and devotee of plunging history, end up enjoying. What isn’t being referred to is the comfort of the tonneau case which causes this somewhat substantial watch to sit well on the wrist (it’s under 45mm haul to carry). The bezel is as yet truly outstanding in the business—simple to hold, with the perfect measure of turning resistance. 

The tonneau-formed case wears well regardless of this present watch’s heft.

While Doxa is most popular for its orange-dial jumpers, orange is really a shading that goes to dim upon plunge into the ocean, since water sift through red frequencies at around 15 feet of profundity. Yellow and blue are noticeable to a lot more prominent profundities, so the Poseidon would in any case look yellow well past 100 feet. As far as I might be concerned, dial perceivability is somewhat of an unsettled issue, since what you truly need to see while plunging are the hands opposite the bezel markings. All things considered, a brilliant dial observe some way or another summons an easygoing, tropical vibe and bodes well on a jump watch. The co-marking may be lost on a many individuals, however for those dedicated to their Poseidon jumping stuff, or gatherers who don’t have a possibility of discovering one of the firsts, this one is the ticket. I speculate Doxa will sell out the 500 pieces being offered rapidly.

Dive watches have become so famous and commonplace, despite the fact that they’ve dropped out of ordinary use by jumpers, that it nearly seems like the characteristic territory of a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster is at an office. Yet, some way or another, a Doxa actually appears to pull at one’s sleeve, asking to get wet. Particularly  a brilliant yellow one with the logo of a Swedish plunge gear company.

Good with pants. Better with a wetsuit.

The Basics

Brand: Doxa
Model: SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition”

Diameter: 42.7mm
Case Material: Stainless steel
Dial Color: Yellow with Poseidon logo
Indexes: SuperLumi-Nova
Water Resistance: 1,200 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Solid hardened steel dots of rice arm band with wetsuit extension

The Movement

Caliber: ETA 2824-2
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, and passed time with no-decompression jumping limits
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vph)
Jewels: 25

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $2,490 (pre-request: $1,990)
Availability: Pre-request opens March 17th
Limited Edition: 500 pieces

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