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Introducing: The Bulgari Diva Finissima Minute Repeater -

Introducing: The Bulgari Diva Finissima Minute Repeater –

Fast Take

The world’s most slender wristwatch minute repeater movement is Bulgari’s type BVL 362 Finissimo, which up until now has just been utilized by Bulgari in the company’s super slight Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater . A particularly level movement fits numerous translations, nonetheless; the Diva Finissima Minute Repeater is the first run through the association’s utilized the movement in a customarily styled women’s timepiece.

Why This Watch Matters

Watches created explicitly with the goal of exemplifying a customary thought of womanliness are not by and large graced with record setting instances of high complications. The Diva Finissima Minute Repeater is an illustration of a moderately uncommon sort of watch: a women’s watch with an extremely ladylike plan and enhancing reason which compromises in the movement, however utilizes quite possibly the most extraordinary complicated movements available today. The dial is beautified with Japanese urushi lacquer, sprinkled with gold residue (the procedure is known as maki-e).

Beginning Thoughts

This is a very great new excursion for Bulgari. The movement is a significant specialized accomplishment; at simply 3.12mm thick, the hand-wound type BVL 362 dazzled us particularly when it initially showed up in the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater. (Our Hands On, with live account, is here. ) That watch, nonetheless, isn’t by and large an illustration of a traditionally ladylike plan, with its innovator, eight-sided case and dark on-dim tone scheme. 

The Diva Finissima repeater is a lot of something different, and is as lavishly and unmistakably beautiful as the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater is full of post-present day urbanity. The 37mm case accepts an open fan as the motivation for its carry shape, with another, more modest fan hanging from the slide for the moment repeater. Instead of titanium (as found in the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater) the case is made of pink gold, which has since a long time ago had a standing as the best material in general for minute repeater cases, with the option of copper to gold adding warmth to the tone of the repeater, and improving the capacity of the case to go about as a sound load up for the rings inside. Furthermore, huzzars, there is a presentation back, permitting you to respect the movement.

The Bulgari type BVL 362 Finissimo, 3.12mm thick.

The sound of the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater was very useful for a watch utilizing a particularly level movement – this was helped by the utilization in that watch of titanium for the case and dial. Titanium additionally offers great acoustic properties for repeaters yet the tone is totally different from pink gold, which makes us keep thinking about whether the Diva Finissima Minute Repeater probably won’t have the option to give its more established kin a run for its cash in the sound quality office. Initiation of the strike is in the typical design, through a slide for the situation (enhanced with a smaller than usual adapted fan, in this instance).

The dial is brightened with Japanese finish, which is known as urushi, and which has a set of experiences crossing millennia in Asia. The enamel is gotten from the (to some degree harmful) sap of the Japanese sumac and the workmanship’s been drilled in Japan since about the eighth century AD. The procedure of utilizing gold, or gold residue, bound in layers of straightforward veneer, is called maki-e (it’s a supported completion for top of the line composing instruments from Japan) and it’s truly solid and lasting, settling on it a brilliant decision for a watch dial both from an embellishing expressions, and a sturdiness standpoint.

This watch will be shown again at Baselworld and we’re anticipating circling back to some live pictures and hopefully, video and sound; I’m extremely inquisitive to hear it in person. Incidentally in case you will be in Miami next end of the week for Miami Watches & Wonders, Bulgari will have a presentation, at which Pascal Legendre, their Grand Complications Supervisor, will be available. There will be a full place of Bulgari ringing complications available including the Diva Finissima, just as the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater, Magsonic Grande Sonnerie, and we will have a Carillon Tourbillon Minute Repeater as well.

The Basics

Brand: Bulgari

Model: Diva Finissima Minute Repeater

Diameter: 37mm

Case Material: 18k rose gold; carries snow set with splendid cut diamonds

Dial Color: Black and gold urushi lacquer

Indexes: Brilliant cut diamonds

Lume: Surely you jest

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Black croc with jewel set 18k pink gold collapsing clasp

The Movement

Caliber: BVL 362 Finissimo

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, minute repeater tolling on demand

Diameter: 28.5mm

Thickness: 3.12mm

Power Reserve: 52 hours

Winding: Manual

Frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vph)

Additional Details: At the hour of composing, this is the world’s flattest repeater movement

Estimating & Availability

Price: $187,000

Availability: Currently available

Limited Edition: Ten pieces

For more, visit Bulgari on the web.