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Inside The New Polaris Collection From Jaeger-LeCoultre (VIDEO) -

Inside The New Polaris Collection From Jaeger-LeCoultre (VIDEO) –

Ahead of the watches’ delivery, we visited the assembling in Le Sentier to talk with both Geoffrey Lefebvre, Deputy CEO, and Lionel Favre, Director of Product Design, regarding why currently is the correct second for the Polaris to be renewed in a particularly large manner, how they moved toward restoring and expanding on the first, and what intriguing difficulties introduced themselves en route. This is the anecdote about how the assortment became and what makes each watch worth a nearer look.

The Polaris Automatic

This is the most essential model in the new Polaris collection. It’s a straightforward three-hander in a 41mm tempered steel case that you can combine with either a cowhide tie or a coordinating treated steel wristband. All the open space truly gives you the space to value the three-finish dial and the applied numerals and markers. That it wears truly well on the wrist makes this one a champ top to bottom.

Learn more about the Polaris Automatic here.

The Polaris Date

If you need something simply a smidgen more complex, there’s the Polaris Date. This adds – you got it – a date window at three o’clock, yet that is not all. The case is likewise somewhat bigger at 42mm and the numerals and markers are a vanilla tone to add a bit of vintage beguile. This model is likewise accessible on a comfortable dark elastic tie with a Clous de Paris design, which gives it that old fashioned jump watch feel.

Learn more about the Polaris Date here.

The Polaris Memovox Limited Edition

This observe likely looks somewhat natural. It’s the nearest thing in the assortment to a re-release of the first 1968 Polaris, pressing both a mechanical alert and all the plunge watch fancy odds and ends. All the completions of the new assortment are available, however the generally speaking styling is actually similar to that of the first. There are just 1,000 bits of this restricted version being made, and it’s certain to be popular.

Learn more about the Polaris Memovox Limited Edition here.

The Polaris Chronograph

Departing from the first jump watch equation, the Polaris Chronograph takes the stylish signals of the assortment yet applies them to an altogether different complication. This two-register chronograph has 30-moment and 12-hour aggregators on either a difference dark or striking blue dial. Specifically, when this watch is combined with the steel arm band it truly shines.

Learn more about the Polaris Chronograph here.

The Polaris Chronograph WT

At the most complicated finish of the range is the Polaris Chronograph WT. Stuffed into the 44mm titanium case is a chronograph, a GMT complication, and a worldtimer, yet the dial has been adroitly planned in order to remain very decipherable in spite of all the data present. 

Learn more about the Polaris Chronograph WT here.