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In-Depth: The Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique Explained -

In-Depth: The Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique Explained –

The Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique

There is so much going on with this watch that it is not difficult to get lost. So how about we start from an external perspective and move inward. The uneven case is unique to Greubel Forsey and was planned with a few objectives as a main priority. Critically, it lets the focal round impression to stay under 44mm (43.5mm to be accurate), making the watch generally wearable. Additionally, the hilter kilter shape makes volume where it is required around the tourbillon and features the mechanism with a viewing window on the unbalanced “bubble” by 7 o’clock.

That carries us to the tourbillon itself. This is a couple of settled tourbillons, with the inward tourbillon set off 30 degrees corresponding to the external confine (more than 130 components are required for this piece of the development alone). This was Greubel Forsey’s first development and it combines better timekeeping exactness with sheer magnificence and Greubel Forsey truly knows how to accentuate the last mentioned. Completing is staggering here and the equilibrium appears to buoy and turn easily in its little air pocket. Close to this you’ll locate the little seconds pointer moving in synch with the external tourbillon.

Power Reserve Indicator In Asymmetrical 

Opposite this air pocket, up around 2 o’clock, you’ll discover the dial marks and the power save marker. Here the red arrow is fixed and the plate travels through the open window, following as long as 72 hours of power. This is ideal power, not the full limit of the barrels, guaranteeing that the wearer keeps the watch wound to a level that will keep up great chronometric performance.

Exceptional Dial Finishing

The completing additionally stretches out to the dial of the Double Tourbillon Asymétrique. There are 26 components, all 18k gold, that make up the multi-level dial. There are nearly however many completes as there are components, with various levels of brushing, graining, and cleaning giving the various dials, hands, and markers each an unmistakable look. This is truly one that you can gaze at for some time and continue to discover new little details. 

Greubel Forsey Movement In The Double Tourbillon Asymétrique

Turning the 16.13mm thick case over, you’ll locate a sapphire window that adjusts to the forms of the case’s hilter kilter shape. This allows you to see the enormous grained plate with chamfered inward edges that underpins the barrels and focus wheel, all completed in gold. There are 326 components taking all things together for the development, which is physically wound by means of the generous crown at 3 o’clock. 

The Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Asymétrique In Red Gold

Overall, the Double Tourbillon Asymétrique is truly standout. Plainly Greubal Forsey considered a thought and afterward stretched the execution to the supreme edge, unwilling to compromise at any stage.

There were 11 pieces made in white gold and now an extra 11 are accessible in red gold too, valued at $545,000. These will hit Greubel Forsey retailers in Spring 2014. For additional, visit Greubel Forsey .