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Introducing: The Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa Chronor  -

I will be saving up for this one

..if I can in any case discover one that is, they are sold out as it appears. The in steel is one of my number one Lemania5100 driven chronographs. An unadulterated toolwatch, which is perfect to time a pizza in the stove or to check what amount of time it requires to boot a Windows 2000 Server at my work….all sorts of pointless stuff that is 🙂

I definately need the German form, since I think it is a lot cooler than to peruse an English dial on a German watch. Albeit these watches were never that costly while they were accessible, I never appeared to try and consider getting one. Since they are gone, I need one 🙂 Odd.

Anyway, which Lemania 5100 watch are you going to buy?

For the Dutch perusers,