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History On The Wrist: A Dutch Army Watch By Universal Geneve

You all know as a watch brand that had some extraordinary models like the tri-compax chronographs and the Polerouter model. The Polerouter has a great deal of vintage watch fans, and there is even a committed site for this specific model ( ).

Universal Geneve additionally made military watches, and one of these models were offered to the Royal Dutch Army. These watches were given to the Dutch troopers during the last part of the 1930s, not long before World War II began for The Netherlands (on the tenth of May 1940). The dial of the Universal Geneve includes a ‘W’ image, which was the underlying of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. Sovereign Wilhelmina controlled The Netherlands from 1890 till 1948 and is the grandma of our present sovereign, Beatrix.

This Military Universal Geneve gauges just 30mm in distance across, which is fairly little for current guidelines. I accept just gatherers of vintage military watches or Dutch military stuff are keen on claiming one (and presumably won’t wear it frequently). The caseback of the watch has two numbers engraved, a chronic number and a patent number.

A hand wound UG type 265 development with 15 gems was utilized in this watch. The watch presented above can be found on eBay for $569 USD ( ). Likewise, there are a couple of them accessible through , going from 590890 Euro. The cost of the model on eBay is presumably likewise very low due to the state of the case, as you can see on the photos above.