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Henri Germain Delauze – Founder Of COMEX Passed Away

Henri Germain Delauze, CEO and author of COMEX died today at 83 years old. The jumper watches everybody is wanting for bear the name of this celebrated plunging association, likewise known for being the NASA of the sea.

Although I’ve seen an OMEGA PlopPof COMEX release as of late in the OMEGA gallery in Biel , we realize Rolex observes best for being the decision of COMEX. Appeared beneath, are two fine instances of COMEX diver’s watches by Rolex. Rolex COMEX diver’s watches are perhaps the most pursued models from this Geneva brand.

The joint endeavor among Rolex and COMEX is there since the mid 1970s and word is that they had a ton of impact when Rolex built up the Deep Sea-Dweller watch.

Thanks to Ryan5446 for the notification and the image of the Rolex plunging watches. More data about COMEX and Henri Germain Delauze can be found at .