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Interview: Sébastien Perret And Guillaume Tripet Of Watch Design Agency Etude De Style -


Yesterday I was at in The Hague and he was showing me the new watches he had available to be purchased. One of them was introduced in a huge stogie formed box, including an enormous .

Inside the crate sat a Franck Muller Havana chronograph, with a noteworthy size and weight. I don’t think I dealt with a Franck Muller previously, so this was unfamiliar to me. Inside ticks a changed Piguet 1185 chronograph development, utilized in numerous other top of the line watches. Despite the fact that I would bring my 25.000 Euro (listprice I think) elsewhere, the watch stays amazing. Let’s say I can envision the fluff about Franck Muller watches, however this is truly for the rich ones among us. The tie and catch were done very niceley as well.

And possibly the thing I preferred most amazing aspect this watch (call me senseless), and about most gold watches as a rule, was the brushed strong caseback. I love displaybacks on mechanical watches if the development merits appearing, yet on the off chance that a watch is made out of 18kt gold, nothing beats a strong caseback. It gives the watch this monstrous look and feel which no treated steel watch can give you.

Oh well, I left cheerfully without having purchased a watch. I was wearing my Rolex Sea-Dweller and I wouldn’t exchange it for a Franck Muller on the off chance that they would be similarly estimated. So I am an upbeat camper.

Photo by Wingates Quality Watches