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Hands-On: With The F.P. Journe Historical Anniversary Tourbillon, And The Pocket Watch That Inspired It (Live Pics & Pricing) -

Hands-On: With The F.P. Journe Historical Anniversary Tourbillon, And The Pocket Watch That Inspired It (Live Pics & Pricing) –

It was 30 years prior that F.P. Journe initially put his name on the dial of a watch. It was a tourbillon pocket watch in the style of Breguet and he constructed everything himself, from the dial and case to the tourbillon confine itself. To commend this achievement, F.P. Journe has delivered the Historial Anniversary Tourbillon, a wristwatch reevaluation of this unique creation. It is a flat out shocker and just yesterday we got an opportunity to see it in the metal. Consider us impressed.

The Historical Anniversary Tourbillon’s Hunter Caseback

Until yesterday, I was somewhat doubtful of the two-tone case, which is silver and pink gold. Face to face however, the constrast is decent and sublte and it doesn’t shout “two tone!” The thinking behind this choice is that the first pocket watch had a gold and silver case, and Mr. Journe wanted to stay devoted to the motivation. In the event that you open the guilloché caseback however, that is where you locate the most great thing about this watch: the movement.

Historical Anniversary Tourbillon Movement

The development is certainly the focal point of the Historical Anniversary Tourbillon. It looks almost indistinguishable from the that of the first pocket watch, except for the escapement. This was changed from a detent escapement to a sidelong bed escapement, on the grounds that the previous isn’t especially fit to a wristwatch. Yet, simply take a gander at this plated metal beast. It’s difficult to quit gazing, right? 

One-Minute Tourbillon

At the base is a one-minute tourbillon suspended from an enormous extension. Over that are the two arms supporting the twin barrels. There is a ton of profundity to this development, which is pleasantly complemented by the brushed surfaces with cleaned and angled edges. The gigantic blued screws are a cool touch and give the whole thing such an antique feel.

The F.P. Journe Historical Anniversary Tourbillon

While the development is the center, what I truly loved about this watch is exactly how wearable it is. The 40mm case has short, vigorous hauls, and the dial is truly coherent. It seems like one of those watches that could look exceptionally formal or somewhat more easygoing relying upon what else you’re wearing, which can be hard to pull off.

F.P. Journe’s First Watch

We were sufficiently blessed to have the chance to likewise take a gander at the Historical Anniversary Tourbillon’s motivation – F.P. Journe’s absolute first watch. Mr. Journe himself carried it to New York, and you can simply find in how he handles it what this piece intends to him. It’s the ideal example of a watch being undeniably more than a watch.

The Historical Anniversary Tourbillon is a restricted release of only 99 numbered pieces (you’ll notice we’ve eliminated the quantity of this specific piece as it has a place with an authority), valued at $99,000. Appreciate the display below and visit F.P. Journe for more.