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Hands-On: With The Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Escapement "UTTE" (Live Pics & Pricing) -

Hands-On: With The Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Escapement "UTTE" (Live Pics & Pricing) –

When we initially showed you the Arnold & Son Ultra-Thin Tourbillon Escapement , or UTTE, live from Basel World, subtleties were scant. We knew that it was the most slender tourbillon accessible available today and that it would be restricted underway, however now we have all the subtleties for you, including live photographs of the watch in the two metals and the authority estimating and accessibility information. This is a genuinely cool watch, regardless of whether you’re not ordinarily one for tourbillons.

Closer Look At The UTTE’s 14mm Tourbillon

Arnold & Son has delivered a whirlwind of new, technically-noteworthy developments throughout the most recent year or two, one of which is the type A&S8200 inside the UTTE. It is completely in-house, just 2.97mm thick, and houses a 14mm one-minute tourbillon at 6 o’clock that goes about as the little seconds marker. When cased-up, the whole UTTE is still just 8.34mm thick, which makes it the most slender tourbillon at present accessible. Through two barrels, it has a great 80-hour power reserve.

The Ornate Finishing On The Rose Gold UTTE

The More Modern Finishing On The Palladium UTTE

Both dial and development are flawlessly completed, with the palladium case completed in a more present day style and the rose gold UTTE having more lavish embellishment. For the rose gold UTTE the dial has  rayonattes Côtes de Genève on the silver dial and hand-engraved design on the crossed over. Conversely, the palladium UTTE has a more obscure dim dial with straight Côtes de Genève and the development is all the more essentially enlivened (however still completed delightfully). On the two forms, the tourbillon itself is current looking and feels much more wearable and under-the-radar than most tourbillons you see today.

The Palladium UTTE On The Wrist

The 42mm case is absolutely on the huge size for a dress watch this way, however the watch wears astoundingly well anyway. Since it is so slim, you don’t need to worry about getting it under your sleeve, and the tourbillon is downplayed sufficient that individuals won’t gawk at it in the 42mm case. Generally, the UTTE combines a great deal of the things we love about conventional watchmaking and getting done with a particularly current viewpoint.

The UTTE comes in both rose gold and palladium, estimated at $69,050 and $59,950 individually. Each is restricted to just 50 pieces absolute. For more information, kindly visit Arnold & Son .