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Hands-On: With A Selection Of Rolex Daytonas From Christie's Lesson One Auction (Live Pics & Details) -

Hands-On: With A Selection Of Rolex Daytonas From Christie's Lesson One Auction (Live Pics & Details) –

Earlier this week we disclosed to you Christie’s will hold a Daytona-just deal one weekend from now in Geneva . Named “Exercise One,” this bartering contains 50 of the most fascinating Daytonas the Christie’s Watch Department could discover. Almost 1000 watches were acquired for assessment and just the 50 best made it into the list. We got an opportunity to investigate a large portion of the watches in Geneva and believe you will be intrigued with what you see.

25 Select Daytonas

Half the watches were off on visit when we dropped into the Old Town Geneva headquarters of the Christie’s Watch Department, however various intriguing parts were waiting for us on a table. A table set with 25 select Daytonas is a sight to see, no?

Part 25 – Ref. 6263 "FAP"

Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263

We’ll get the ball rolling with this ref. 6263 made for the Peruvian Airforce. These Fuerza Aerea del Peru, or “FAP” Daytonas are presumably the second generally sought after military Rolex (after the British MOD MilSub , of course).


This one is fit as a fiddle, with fresh carries and screw down pushers; most are vigorously beat up as they were really utilized by pilots and officials. A few models have the last three digits of the sequential engraved in little textual style, while this later example has the whole chronic more modest. Likewise the sequential is found inside the caseback just as between the carries, while non military personnel models on show this between the lugs.

Ref. 6263 FAP Daytona With Box And Guarantee

Here you get the crate and the unsigned assurance as well. It’s a cool set and an intriguing watch that you could wear day by day. This watch is Lot 25 and conveys a gauge of $22,000-$45,000.

Part 3 – Ref. 6240 With Tropical Dial

Ref. 6240 With Tropical Dial

The ref. 6240 addresses a defining moment throughout the entire existence of the Daytona, first delivered in 1965. It was the main model to be produce just with a dark acrylic bezel (there are a few 6239s skimming around with dark bezels, however most have steel) and the principal model to present screw down pushers. These early pushers are nickel covered metal and have meager lines on them with a light surface that is totally different from the knurling you find on later and present day pushers.

First Series Screw Down Pushers

While the bezel actually has that inky dark tone, the dial has gone full-tropical and turned a decent shade of chocolate brown. It’s an extremely in any event, shading, in some cases not the situation with tropical dials. You’ll likewise  This one comes with box and papers as well, which place the deal on December 18, 1967 at Monetti, Roma-Napoli. This is Lot 3 and has a gauge of $67,000-134,000.

Parcel 9 – Ref. 6239 "Paul Newman" Belonging To Astronaut R. Walter Cunningham

Ref. 6239 Paul Newman

Even if this watch didn’t have the provenance, it would in any case be an intriguing Paul Newman Daytona. The case dates to 1966 yet Paul Newman dials didn’t begin being placed into cases until 1967, which means this is an early example. Appropriately, it has the 300-graduated bezel, T-Swiss-T on the Paul Newman dial, and the first “71” arm band.

Ref. 6239

The watch had a place with NASA Astronaut R. Walter Cunningham, who was on Apollo VII, a 1968 mission that took a crew of three into space for eleven days. There is a legally approved lette from Cunningham’s sibling bearing witness to that this is his sibling’s watch, which accompanied the watch the first occasion when it sold at sell off back in 1997. In spite of the fact that he states it was on Walter’s wrist in space, this can’t be affirmed because of NASA’s true organization with Omega at the hour of Apollo VII. This watch is Lot 9 and is relied upon to sell between $89,000 and $178,000.

Part 13 – 18k Gold Ref. 6262 "Cherry Red"

18k Gold ref. 6262

At this point it’s presumably tiring for us to say “here is a truly uncommon Daytona,” yet this 18k gold ref. 6262 is probably the most uncommon reference out there. As per the Christie’s part notes, just around 30 pieces were created in 1970, a year in which Rolex made around 347,000 watches absolute. Further separating this example is the “Cherry Red” Daytona signature over the subregister at 6 o’clock – most matched the “Rolex Cosmograph” signature. This is the archetype to the Big Red Daytonas that came later. The gauge for Lot 13 is $89,00-$178,00.

Part 35 – Ref. 6269/6263 With Diamond Bezel

Ref. 6269/6263 With Diamond Bezel

The more extraordinary reference 6290 is set with splendid cut precious stones, while the more frequently seen 6270 has a loaf set bezel. Additionally, most precious stone bezel Daytonas from this time (around 1986) likewise highlighted jewel dials, while this example has the non-precious stone gold dial. This is Lot 35 and has a gauge of $200,000-$400,000.

New Old Stock Ref. 6263

Caseback Sticker On Ref. 6263

Lot 32 – New old stock ref. 6263 with box and papers, Estimate $28,000-56,000

Tiffany-marked Ref. 6264

Engraved caseback on the Tiffany-marked ref. 6264

Lot 18 – Tiffany-marked Ref. 6264 with owners named engraved on the caseback, Estimate $78,000-156,000

Ref. 16589 Diamond Daytona

Lot 42 – Ref. 16589, the jewel set adaptation of the principal white gold Daytona with crocodile tie, the ref. 16519, gauge $22,000-$45,000

Ref. 116519 with mis-print dial

Lot 44 – “Beach” Daytona with misprinted chrysophrase dial (take a gander at the subregister at 6 o’clock), gauge $17,000-$33,000

Ref. 6262 Paul Newman With Brown Outer Track

Lot 17 – Ref. 6262 Paul Newman with brown external track, gauge $67,000-134,000

For a complete glance at the Lesson One deal, visit Christie’s on the web .