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Hands-On: The Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough -

Hands-On: The Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough –

Every year at SIHH, there are a handful of watches that you overhear individuals discussing any time you pass them in the halls or veer up to a bar for a beverage. This year, one of those watches was without a doubt the Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough . Part of this was because of the watch’s technical benefits, some portion of this was because of the watch’s bright blue accents and Carbon case, and a piece of this was expected, as you might expect, to the watch’s cost. Whatever the explanation though, The RM 53-01 is certainly a watch worth another look.

The RM 053 was delivered in 2012 and was the brand’s first partnership with Pablo Mac Donough.

This is the second tourbillon that Richard Mille has worked for the a-list polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The main, the RM 053 , came in 2012 and was non-customary, even by Richard Mille’s principles. Rather than the common tonneau case with the wide dial opening, the RM 053 had a defensive titanium carbide case with one eight-shaped opening for the hours/minutes dial and the running seconds attached to the tourbillon. The thought here was that the watch would have the option to confront the maltreatment experience on the polo pitch, and it additionally had the impact of cutting an unmistakable silhouette also. For the RM 53-01, the rule is the equivalent – to be as slug evidence as could be expected – yet the approach is slightly different.

At $900,000, this is rarified horological air we’re breathing here.

Before we get into the actual watch, we should move the elephant in the room in advance: This watch is costly. Like, truly, really costly. To obtain one the 30 pieces being made, you’ll have to hand more than a cool $900,000. Indeed, there are only five zeros on the sticker price, however scarcely. The legitimization here is that the watch is made of very high-tech materials and that the development includes some non-conventional watchmaking expertise that places it above even your normal Richard Mille tourbillon. On the off chance that that makes this watch an absolute non-starter for you, that’s thoroughly fine and understandable.

Everything about the RM 53-01 is expecting to achieve two objectives simultaneously: amplify strength and limit weight. To do this, Richard Mille has shaped the 44.5mm x 49.94mm x 16.15mm case out of Carbon TPT, a composite that resembles manufactured carbon and has been a top pick of the brand in the course of the most recent couple of years. The outcome is something that looks meaty however is very lightweight. This is unquestionably helped by the two tie choices, which are either a combination of texture and velcro or a vented blue silicone rubber.

Unlike the RM 053, the RM 53-01 puts the development up front. Also, it’s one genuine development. Notwithstanding the sensational pair of bended extensions that help the tourbillon, barrel, and force train right up the focal point of the design, you’ll notice a variety of links attaching the type to the actual case. Clearly this isn’t something you see each day, yet the thought is to disconnect the development from the case to make it more shock safe. There are two meshed steel links (that are a negligible .27mm in breadth) that are pulled to pressure by an arrangement of 10 pulleys and four tensioners that cross the internal edge of the case and the external pieces of the developments. It’s a lovely many-sided framework, yet as per Richard Mille it empowers the development to withstand shocks surpassing 5,000 G’s of power. As a perspective here, the highest known G-power withstood by a human was 214 G’s when an IndyCar driver’s vehicle crashed into the catch fence in a 2003 race.

There are loads of other technical flourishes in this watch as well. The barrel, which doesn’t seem as though anything insane, pivots somewhat quicker than Richard Mille’s normal barrels, turning once at regular intervals rather than once every seven-and-a-half hours to give more predictable influence throughout each revolution and throughout the length of the 70-hour influence save. You’ll likewise see a weird blue color in the precious stone in the live photos of the watch. This is on the grounds that it’s a three-section gem intended to be as impervious to breakage as could be expected. It’s truth be told constructed like a sheet of security glass, similar to what you’d find in vehicle windshield. Two bits of sapphire are sandwiched on either side of a Polyvinyl film, so if either side breaks, the whole thing will break yet not shatter. This is a first in watchmaking and Richard Mille has a patent for it as well.

On the wrist, this watch is, indeed, a Richard Mille. It’s large, however not heavy. It’s brash, yet very cool. Furthermore, it’s something that you can’t keep your eyes off of. I realize that on the off chance that I strolled into a room and spotted somebody wearing one of these, I wouldn’t have the option to quit gazing. Whether it’s your style or not – and let’s get straight to the point here, it’s definitely not my standard thing – it’s hard not to at any rate discover watches like this intriguing and compelling in their own sort of way. 

The high cost might have been the thing that quickly got individuals discussing this watch at the SIHH, however in the event that that was the solitary story worth telling, the RM 53-01 would as of now be failed to remember. However, this is a watch that exhibits what Richard Mille is best at, which is that ideal combination of eye catching showcasing, real technological advancement, and nonchalant styling that makes it a genuine 21st-century watch brand. 

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